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Mobile-ready assessments with automated and live proctoring technology

Live Proctoring: Real-time monitoring of candidates

Live Proctoring Technology - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Live Feed Proctoring
    Invigilator can keep a real-time check on candidates giving assessments using Live video/audio feed.
  • Real-time Intervention
    Invigilator can lock a candidate’s assessment if he/she is found cheating/copying during the test.
  • Notifications
    Regular notifications regarding students’ actions shared with invigilator to raise a flag of any suspicious activity.
  • Live Online Proctoring Control
    Get a list of all candidates currently taking assessments. Select candidates to be proctored. Mute/unmute the candidates.

AutoProc: Automated remote proctoring software to prevent cheating

Automated remote proctoring software - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Webcam (Lite)
    Pictures captured at regular intervals using the webcam to confirm identity and detect suspicious behavior.
  • Test Replay
    Replay assessment at key stroke level for all open response tests.
  • Plagiarism Check
    Candidate’s responses are checked against the responses in our database to identify plagiarism attempts.
  • Geo and IP tracking
    The user location is tracked continuously and abrupt location changes are reported as red flag.
  • Browser and Keyboard Locks: Candidates
    Candidate is not allowed to change browsing or keyboard skills.
  • AI based Facial Recognition
    Biometric comparison is done after test submission to detect and raise flag if different faces are detected.
Automated remote proctoring software - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

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Reliably delivered anytime, anywhere over Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

The ability to deliver secure assessments and simulations to any device will help you reach to more suitable candidates in a short time. A unique candidate experience will create a better employer brand and improve the assessment completion rates.

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