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Pre employment hiring tests to help you recruit the right talent for your organization


With the ever-increasing jobs that require a multi-skilled work force, traditional mechanisms can no longer help you find the right talent. In today’s talent ecosystem, locating the right talent is expensive and time consuming let alone riddled with both constrained sourcing and risk of missing the best.


Our Solution

A certified database of job seekers rated on various competencies spanning language, aptitude, behavior and functional skills, has proven to be one of the most efficient mechanisms to recruit talent on merit. Every candidate in the AMCAT database has a detailed profile coupled with comprehensive assessment scores and role specific credentials based on local and global norms. This ensures that the short-listing is targeted which reduces the chances of missing the right candidates or spending time on the wrong ones.

AMCAT is the 3rd largest certifier on Linkedin.

Using the AMCAT database has allowed organizations to increase their sourcing reach and reduce the time and the cost of hiring.

With over a millions certified job seekers in a few dozen roles, AMCAT today is one of the largest independent credentialing system in the world. And adding over a million test takers annually, it is slowly becoming the defacto standard for employability evaluation globally. Some of the largest recruiters in the world continue to use the AMCAT database to recruit tens of thousands of individuals every year. To start finding the right talent for your company, visit

Recruitment Campaign Management

Recruitment processes can be tiring and we ensure that our sourcing and assessment solutions can be deployed with ease and convenience. Our dedicated end to end comprehensive recruitment management support ensures you can process tens of thousands of candidates with ease. Helping organizations with walk-in deployment, large campus recruitment drives or targeted sourcing our delivery solutions make sure it is quick and easy.

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