Cognitive Ability Tests for Employment Assessment
Find candidates with the right cognitive skills
Accurate and precise adaptive tests powered by the Item Response Theory (IRT)

Measure logical ability, analytical skills, critical reasoning, attention-to-detail, quantitative ability and more


Use our recommendation engine to determine the type and level of cognitive skills necessary to succeed in your job roles

The Power of Cognitive Tests

Measuring the right cognitive skills improves performance by over 35%

Logical Ability
This test of logical ability assesses a candidate's deductive and inductive reasoning skills.
It measures one's ability to make inferences, conclusions and decide actions based on text, data, and symbols. It also tests a person's ability to derive and apply general rules based on one or more examples of the rule's application.
Critical Reasoning
The test measures the ability to critically reason out information.
This requires abilities in information synthesis, identify objective vs. subjective information, identify assumptions, understand the difference between correlation and causality, and differentiate necessary and sufficient information and syllogistic reasoning.
Information Gathering and Synthesis
This test measures the ability to interpret information in form of text, tables, and charts.
It evaluates a candidate's ability to gather relevant information, classify data and make rule-based decisions.
Quantitative Ability
Evaluates a candidate's ability to solve real-world problems using mathematical operations
It tests the candidate's understanding and application of concepts such as ratios, proportions, simple interest and discounts. The advanced version of the test includes advanced math topics in logarithms, probability, and permutation-combination relevant for engineering and IT jobs.
Endless Talent Assessment Options

Item Response Theory (IRT) adaptive testing


Comprehensive and expansive questionbank (1000 validated questions)


Reliable, valid and fair testing


Mix and match with other simulations, skills test and assessments

Enterprise Ready Technology

100% Cloud Based

Highly scalable assessment platform, deployable anywhere, anytime, and available in over a dozen languages

Mobile Ready

A device-agnostic solution, available on mobile phones (browser and app), tablets and computers

Automated Proctoring

In-built AI-powered automated remote proctoring capabilities leveraging webcams, browser controls, keystroke analytics, facial recognition and more

Proven technologies and methodologies



Adhering­ to the global standards of reliability, we measure and report the standard error and Cronbach alpha of our pre-employment cognitive ability tests

Job Role Mapping (Mapped to O*NET)


Our recommendation engine, mapped to the Department of Labor ONET, identifies relevant Aspiring Minds tests and the required proficiency level for hundreds of job roles.

Criterion Validity


Our cognitive test scores show a validity of 0.30-0.55 with job performance with further improvement when language, personality, and functional skills tests are administered subsequently

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