Automata: AI-powered coding simulation assessment

Evaluate programming skills of candidates using an intuitive coding environment. AI ensures you find at least 25% more good coders. Available in 50+ languages

Hire the best coders faster using an AI-powered coding aptitude test

Identify 25% more good coders - Aspiring Minds

Identify 25% more good coders

AI grades reduce false rejects and increase pass rate of qualified talent pool by over 25%.

4X increase in reach while hiring - Aspiring Minds

4X increase in reach

Attract a higher volume of quality technology candidates from a diverse range or sources.

Speed up tech recruitment - Aspiring Minds

Speed up tech recruitment

Set up assessment in minutes using 500+ coding problems and different Automata variants. Shortlist faster with near real-time code analysis and detailed scorecard.

Reduce hiring costs by 40%-60% - Aspiring Minds

Reduce hiring costs by 40%-60%

Cut short hiring steps by replacing resume screening with Automata while ensuring your hire the best programmers. Reduce travel and operational hassles of recruiters.

Comprehensive & EEOC compliant Hiring Solution - Aspiring Minds

Comprehensive & EEOC compliant Solution

Fair and job-related technology assessments meeting rigorous EEOC standards and easy to combine with other assessments.

Engaging candidate experience - Aspiring Minds

Engaging candidate experience

Delight candidates every time with realistic coding simulation, 50+ programming languages, flexibility to switch between questions, and shorter hiring cycle.

Realistic coding assessment

Assessment delivered in a real Integrated Development Environment

Automata provides a coding simulation in 50+ languages to enable recruiters to evaluate candidate’s coding skills.

  • Real world IDE, powered with intellisense, auto-save, custom test cases, on-the-fly language selection
  • Extensive and validated EEOC compliant question bank covering a wide range of coding concepts. Developed by in-house experts and not crowdsourced.
  • Flexibility to add your own questions.
  • Use Custom Item writing service to build questions specific to your business and technology needs.
Assessment delivered in a real Integrated Development Environment - Aspiring Minds
AI ensures you never miss good coders - Aspiring Minds
AI-powered coding simulation

AI ensures you never miss good coders

Automata uses AI/ML model to score programs with grades significantly co-relating with human expert grades: 0.8. Reduces false rejects and increases the qualified candidate pool by 25% as Automata can:

  • Grade programs that are partially correct.
  • Grade programs that have minor errors and may not compile.
  • Grade any new question within a short time span.


Learn how the world’s largest technology company built a fair and efficient talent evaluation process for software engineers using Aspiring Minds Automata solution.

Objectively and fairly hire for 100s of technology roles

Evaluate candidates using extensive range of tools

Use Automata to test coding skills. Combine it with assessments followed by CodeMeet to find highly talented programmers.

  • 200+ IT skills tests available across new and legacy technologies.
  • Combine with cognitive and personality tests.
  • Conduct live in-depth coding interviews with CodeMeet.
Evaluate candidates using extensive range of tools - Aspiring Minds
Take data driven hiring decisions - Aspiring Minds
Comprehensive reporting

Take data driven hiring decisions

Access mobile-enabled Automata report that provides candidate response, compilation statistics and proctoring data.

  • Detailed scorecard with AI scores, compilation statistics, and test case details.
  • Question wise response and statistics.
  • Access to full code replay, plagiarism check and detailed account of proctoring.
Anti-Cheating Technology

AI-powered proctoring maintains high test integrity.

Automata offers advanced plagiarism and proctoring features to ensure a highly fair and reliable assessment process.

  • Off-focus, print screen lock, IP Address tracking to prevent any cheating
  • Plagiarism check and full code replay to keep a tab on copying of code
  • Periodic candidate snapshot and Multi-face/No face detection to verify candidate’s presence during the assessment
AI-powered proctoring maintains high test integrity. - Aspiring Minds
Evaluate for multiple roles, experience levels and sectors - Aspiring Minds
Automata Variants

Evaluate for multiple roles, experience levels and sectors.

Broad coverage across the technology landscape. Continually evolving tests to enable recruiters to evaluate candidates for various roles and skills.

  • Automata
  • Automata PRO
  • Automata for Data Science
  • Automata Fix
  • Automata SQL
  • Automata Front-end
  • Automata Selenium
  • Automata DevOps
  • Automata Diagram & Architecture

Quickly and reliably automate your technology hiring with Automata - world’s most powerful coding simulation

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