67% Engineers in India can neither ‘walk’ nor ‘talk’ English | Aspiring Minds

67% Engineers in India can neither ‘walk’ nor ‘talk’ English

New Delhi, Aug 7, 2015: “Absurd” as it may sound, but this word is not understood by 67% of the engineering population in India, pronunciation is a far cry! Aspiring Minds, world’s leading employability credentialing firm released a report on the state of spoken English capabilities in young engineers and how their employability is affected by their Spoken English skills. The National Spoken English Skills (SES) of Engineers report analyses the spoken English skills of over 30,000 engineers in India from more than 500 colleges. The study is based on SVAR, Aspiring Minds patented automated spoken English assessment tool measuring spoken English (pronunciation, fluency, etc) and listening skills and is used across the world by large global corporations to test and rate spoken English capabilities.


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