National Employability Report for Engineers - 2014

The National Employability Report - Engineers, 2014 is an analytical study of the employability quotient of Indian engineers. It has over the years become an authoritative source for employability statistics for engineers and an auditory mechanism for higher education. The present report aims to delve further into the employability situation and also focuses on job aspirations of engineers. It also aims to understand what factors apart from merit influence employability outcomes.

Key insights from the report:

  • Of the six hundred thousand engineers that graduate annually, only 18.43% of them are employable for the Software Engineer-IT services role, while a dismal 3.95% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects.
  • For core jobs in mechanical, electronics/electrical and civil engineering only a mere 7.49% are employable. In contrast, 53% engineers have software role as the most preferred job, whereas 44% prefer core engineering jobs. This means 97% engineers want jobs either in software or core engineering.
  • Employability varies tremendously across colleges. For instance, colleges in tier 1 cities have 18.26% employable software engineers, whereas for those in tier 2 cities, it goes down to 14.17%. Similarly, the states at the top have employability as high as 40.42%; those at the bottom have it at 12.03%. Despite this variation we find that 53% of employable candidates for IT services companies and 25% of employable candidates for IT product companies are studying beyond the top 750 colleges, and thus end up being invisible to most employers.
  • Lack of adequate domain knowledge key reason for low employability in core job roles in both software and non-software domains
  • Only around 6% of engineers have startup companies as their first job preference. If we consider those who are both employable and aspire to work with startups, the number decreases to 1.9%.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the National Employability Report for Engineers - 2014, Download the Report

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