National Employability Report for Engineers - 2016

The National Employability Report - Engineers, 2016 is an analytical study of the employability quotient of 150,000 engineering students from 650+ engineering colleges across the country. In its fourth edition this year, the report has widened its study to create a skill map, through theoretical and empirical evidence, for alternate careers for engineers such as sales engineer, technical content developer etc and report employability for these. It also looks into the job aspirations of engineers.

Key insights from the report:

  • Only 18.43% of engineers were employable for the software services sector, 3.21% for software products and 39.84% for a non-functional role such as Business Process Outsourcing. Unfortunately, we see no massive progress in these numbers. These numbers as of today stand at: 17.91%, 3.67% and 40.57% respectively for IT Services, IT Products and Business Process Outsourcing.
  • Only 3.84% folks employable for startup software engineering jobs
  • More aspiration to work for startups - 8% students were interested to work for a startup, Students from tier 1 colleges are most motivated to work in startups as compared to others.
  • Higher salary aspiration and higher salary for same skill - This means that talent is getting expensive and we believe this is due to the huge demand of manpower in technology sector and lack of supply.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the National Employability Report for Engineers -2016, Download the Report

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