National Employability Report for Hotel Management Graduates - 2012

The National Employability Report-Hotel Management Graduates 2012 is based on objective assessment (AMCAT-Hospitality) data of more than 3,000 Hotel Management students from 120+ Hotel Management colleges across India. This report aims to assess the employability variances of Hotel Management candidates in India across various groups to gain an understanding of the needs and the gaps. It attempts to explore the reasons behind the widening demand-supply gap for quality talent in hospitality.

Key insights from the report:

  • The percentage of Hotel Management candidates those are directly hirable for a hospitality job after college is quite low (6% to 18%).
  • A sizeable number of candidates are unemployable because of their lack in English Language skills.
  • Females are more hirable (8 -32%) as compared to males (6 - 16%) across all profiles
  • Employability of IHM's is significantly higher than non- IHM's and yet almost 50% of the employable pool of Hotel Management candidates is invisible to recruiters.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the National Employability Report for Hotel Management Graduates -2012, Download the Report

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