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National Employability Report Graduates Annual Report - 2013

This report is based on AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) tests conducted on a sample of more than 60,000 graduation student from numerous colleges across multiple states in India. All these graduates shall graduate in 2013. The analysis and findings of this report are based on the performance of these students in different modules of AMCAT, India's largest and only standardized employability test.

Executive Summary:

  • 47% graduates not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy.
  • Less females are pursuing three-year graduate degrees and show similar or higher employability to males.
  • English and computer skills dampening smaller town employability prospects significantly.
  • Education system promoting rote learning in place of actual application of concepts.
  • Over 40% employable graduates beyond the top 30% colleges have no way to signal their employability to potential recruiters.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the report, Download the Report

About the Report

In this report, our research team studies how non-professional graduates performed on each competency, based on the response data on different items. For each item tagged within a particular competency, the percentage correct response rates were determined. The consensus response rate of the items was considered as actual performance of the graduates on the given competencies. Items showing consensus and and those acting as outliers were studied by experts to understand their respective behavior.

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