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Philippines National Employability Report (Graduates) - 2017

"65% graduates in Philippines found unemployable in the careers of their choice!"

Aspiring Minds Philippines National Employability Report – 2017 is an in-depth analysis of the job-readiness of the youth of Philippines across various industry roles. Its findings are based on the study of 60,000 students from 80+ colleges through the country.

Key insights from the report:

  • 65% candidates are unemployable in the roles of their choice
  • Only 14.15% graduates are employable for outbound sales and 21.90% for inbound customer service roles in the BPO sector
  • Lack of adequate domain skills is the key reason for low employability in BFSI sector
  • 64% of employable graduates lie beyond the Top 50 colleges in Philippines
  • No gender-wise disparity observed in employability numbers
  • Metro cities have more employable students due to better exposure and education opportunities
  • 70.44% graduates lack in Spoken English fluency, while 48.17% lack pronunciation and 58.27% lack comprehension skills

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the National Employability Report for Graduates -2017, Download the Report

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