Skill Map (US) - 2016

The Skill Map U.S. 2016 is an analytical study of the demand and compensation for approximately 200 skills in the U.S. labor market. The report is a first of its kind effort to objectively present the demand for skills required by the industry across states mapped with the compensation it commands through an interactive visual interface. The report data is based on the analysis of over 300 job roles and 4,028,127 jobs in total.

Key insights from the report:

  • Information gathering & synthesis, Agreeableness, Stress Management, Finger dexterity, Manual dexterity and Extraversion are the most sought-after skills and traits in the US
  • Generic skills/personality traits like Inductive reasoning and Openness to experience draw the highest compensation.
  • Medicine is the highest compensated skill in the US with an average compensation of $145,194 followed by Architecture.
  • Software engineering and analytical skills are in highest demand and earn the highest compensation along the East and West Coast technology hubs.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the Skill Map (US) Report - 2016, Download the Report

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