Skills (Nursing Assistant) - 2017

In order to ascertain the impact of learning through the training programs conducted for nursing assistants, Aspiring Minds conducted a study of over 3000 candidates who underwent a training of 1-2 months across India during the year 2017.

The aim of the study was as follows:

  • To understand what skills are deficient in the trained Nursing Assistants vis-à-vis the skills that are needed for the profession.
  • To provide standardized intervention inputs that the training institutions and the individuals can use to bridge the existing gaps, if any.

Key insights from the report:

  • Every year more than 400,000 blue-collar workers take the test on the TESLA platform, Aspiring Minds’ flagship framework for vocational assessments.
  • 31%-45% candidates lack proper training to carry out daily care activities like transferring a paralyzed patient from a bed to a wheelchair. This is concerning and calls for more focus on real world situation handling and exhaustive practical training on the field.
  • While 3/5th of the candidates know how to clean and handle medical equipment as basic as a thermometer, only a little less than 2/5th of the candidates know the procedures to sterilize other medical equipment.

To read more about the findings of the Nursing Assistant Skills Report -2017, Download the Report

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