Skills (Plumbers) - 2015

The Skills Plumbers 2015 report is an analytical study of the employability quotient of plumbers. It is the report of its kind on plumbers and highlights the key knowledge and skill gaps in recently training plumbers. It also highlights the training interventions that are needed to make plumbers more job ready. The findings of the report are based on vocational skills assessment technology, TESLA, which has allowed us to derive skilling levels and capabilities trends like never before. In 2014 alone, more than five lakh vocational workers had been assessed on the TESLA platform.

Key insights from the report:

  • About 80% of the candidates have knowledge of basic plumbing principles such as usage of tools and pipe fittings.
  • 55%-66% candidates are unable to handle real-word plumbing situations, where they have to observe, identify and solve a problem by application of plumbing knowledge combined with analytical reasoning. This clearly shows training should focus more on real-world situation handling.
  • Although a high number of candidates show good work ethic, around 33% show lack of adaptation to new environments and managing customer situations with expectation mismatch.
  • 30%-40% candidates do not show the ability to handle an emergency health and safety situation. This is very concerning. We need a strong uncompromising focus on this aspect by role play.

To read more about the findings and recommendations of the Plumbers Skills Report - 2015, Download the Report

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