13 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Adopt Online Coding Assessments

Acquiring top tech talent is an onerous task and to enhance the turn-around-time for the process, recruiters need to armor themselves with new age methods like Online Coding Tests.

As per the federal employment data analyzed by CompTIA, U.S. employers had about 918,000 vacant IT jobs in the past three months. Most of these jobs are coming up in digital technology areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IOT), data science, analytics, big data, blockchain and augmented reality. With a huge opportunity at hand here, tech driven acquisitions will provide recruiters the necessary speed and scale if they harness the magic of online assessments.

Still looking for reasons to embrace Online Coding Test? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We bring you not one, not five, but 13 Reasons Why Recruiters should adopt online coding assessments.

  1. Go Beyond The Resume

The real test of a programmer lies in assessment of his/her coding aptitude and not just a mass of text on the resume. The online coding assessment test eliminates the time-spent on scanning thousands of programmers’ resumes and brings holistic objectivity in evaluation.

  1. Test the logic

Conventional coding assessments eliminate the candidates whose code fails or does not pass test cases. The new age online coding aptitude tests arrest such leakages by comprehensively evaluating coders on the logical correctness and deliver a clear picture on the acumen of the candidate by highlighting more than just syntax errors. E.g. Automata by Aspiring Minds – a tool to evaluate programming skills in a simulated environment has helped a global tech giant to reduce false rejects and increase throughput by a whopping 45%. Crazy, right?

  1. The Candidate Experience Matters

If you are looking to hire your dream engineering team, offering an exciting assessment experience is the first step. Conventional paper-based tests have heavy dependency on the offline facilities and more often than not, fail to provide an authentic coding test environment. On the other hand, coding test for employment conducted online in a simulated environment offer a modern and consistent experience to thousands of candidates, all at the same time.

  1. Expand Your Reach

Your dream coding candidate can be anywhere and not necessarily on campus. Aspiring Minds online coding assessments offer immense scalability in discovering high quality programmers by casting a wider net on the talent pool available. This ease goes beyond the campus and provides the edge in lateral hiring too. It’s evident that conventional on-campus hiring drives are time-consuming, expensive and often miss out on niche talent hidden in Tier 2 or Tier 3 colleges. With an online coding test, recruiters can reach out to a larger talent base and fill open headcounts even after they’ve missed the campus drive wave.

  1. Code Ethics

The difference between a good programmer and a great programmer is hidden in the details. Conventional coding tests often overlook the coding ethics followed by potential candidates. “Does a candidate leave proper documentation and comments in their code?” This might sound like an obvious question but has a deep impact on employability and can be captured seamlessly by an online coding test.

  1. Gauge the Basics

Recruiters are often surprised (shocked should be the right word, actually) when shortlisted candidates are asked to write a basic code. A recent Aspiring Minds study of over 36,000 engineering students in India revealed that only 4.77% candidates can write the correct logic for a program. The study tested students from IT-related streams of study at more than 500 colleges across India on Automata. Online assessments offer the ease of filtering such cases right at the first step and thereby optimizing the closure time for recruiters.

  1. Monitor the Approach

Modern AI powered coding tests conducted on solutions like Automata give you an inside look beyond the screen. With remote proctoring features and code recording keystroke by keystroke, recruiters can easily check how do the candidates approach the problem at hand. Are they methodical? Are they approaching the test with typical hacking mindset? Are they paying attention to detail? All these questions are answered by the holistic data provided by online coding assessments.

  1. Embrace Diversity

Recruiting tech talent is serious business and compliances play an integral role here. E.g. If the assessments do not conform to EEOC norms, the results are bound to be favorable to a certain section of applicants and can severely compromise the diversity for the employer. Thankfully, solutions like Automata have this covered for you. With an extensive, exhaustive and EEOC compliant assessments, it has helped one of the biggest IT majors in the world to improve diversity quotient by 4X.

  1. Quantify the Performance

Recruiters can spend less time in scrutinizing the candidates for further rounds if they are armed with comprehensive reporting with objective, benchmarked scores. Online coding assessment tools solve this exact problem for them. AI driven tools like Automata offer detailed reports with code response, error details, time complexity & programming practices.

  1. Give the clear picture

Online coding assessments offer a win-win situation for both – candidates as well as recruiters by providing data in real-time. Candidates get results with immediate compilation of the code while recruiters have a holistic view of the overall performance across KPIs and can take decision for further rounds in no time. It also improves the candidate experience by margins and aids in employer/recruiter branding.

  1. Questionnaire Repository

Recruiters often spend a lot of time while designing the evaluation test for hiring best programmers. They need not anymore. Modern assessment tools can empower you with extensive, validated, reliable & well curated question bank to design your own test. Aspiring Minds – one of the pioneers in online assessments, has an in-house team of content experts who design questions with detailed analysis.

  1. Understand the Potential

Conventional ‘hacker’ coding tests often function on binary mode – whether the code was compiled or not. As a result of this approach, often promising talent falls through the crack and false reject count shoots up. With AI driven coding aptitude assessment tools like Automata, recruiters can get a deeper view into the talent funnel. Cases like the candidate passed all test cases, good coding logic but uncompilable code and logically correct code but did not pass all test cases can be captured with such tools easily. These insights not only give an exhaustive picture about the talent pool to the recruiter but also help in making data driven decisions for the process.

  1. Stay Updated

The technology landscape is evolving at an enormous pace and recruiters also need to embrace the change at the same speed. Sophisticated technology assessment tools offer simulations/platforms built to gauge the technical acumen of the candidates across new technologies like data science, machine learning, mobile development and analytics. This ease practically eliminates the secondary research efforts spent by recruiters while formulating the assessment for a conventional paper-based test.



The signs are loud and clear – technical recruitment space is going to explode with newer technologies hogging the majority share. Recruiters need to step up their game and embrace the change. From transparency to massive cost savings, the benefits offered by online coding assessments are immense and if you want to hire capable coding ninjas, you have to be where they can prove their mettle – online!

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