Live interviewing in times of COVID-19: How SmartMeet’s rich features facilitate best interview practices to help you keep going

In the wake of COVID-19’s onslaught, the world is witnessing an unprecedented situation. Social distancing has become the latest buzzword that has started impacting not just how we get food or groceries delivered, but also in the way we are going to get back to work. Talent Acquisition, where hiring conventionally requires a face-to-face interaction, will also have to go through an inevitable revamp. The best companies of the world have already started to innovate their recruitment process, for e.g. using technology to conduct interviews via video interviewing tools to minimise Covid-19 risks. As more companies get comfortable with the fact that remote working is here to stay, they have also realized that, by adopting industry-best practices around video based interviewing, they can easily perform their recruitment practices online without compromising their productivity or quality of output.

A robust video interviewing tool like Aspiring Minds’ SmartMeet is packed to the gills with features that make anytime, anywhere hiring possible for everyone. Crafted with best in class technology, it can solve your most painful problems in recruiting and provide a more efficient, structured experience in conducting interviews remotely. Here are 8 extraordinary features that make SmartMeet your go-to talent acquisition tool for accomplishing your people goals during these difficult times:

  1. Conduct real-time interviews using any device: Don’t let pandemics or lockdowns bring your hiring efforts to a halt. For hiring managers, achieving hiring numbers even in this Covid-19 induced lockdown is easy because SmartMeet allows recruiters to closely replicate a face-to-face interview and actively interact and comprehensively evaluate candidates remotely. SmartMeet is available on multiple devices and makes it extremely easy for both recruiters and candidates to give the interview remotely. SmartMeet can be used to efficiently support both internal as well as external hiring needs.
  2. Structured Interview processes: As of now, the whole world is working from home, trying to complete all tasks via technology that otherwise would have been done in the office. At many organizations, video chat apps are doubling as video interviewing tools, which are delivering extremely limited functionality. To prepare for all eventualities given the current anomalous times, organizations will have to incorporate proper video interviewing tools like SmartMeet as part of their long term talent acquisition strategy. With the help of pre-defined interview questions and evaluation parameters, SmartMeet brings consistency in evaluation across different recruiters to ensure an uninterrupted, structured and efficient interview process flow.
  3. A collaborative environment: One of the most differentiating features of SmartMeet is the ability to conduct multiple types of interviews; one-on-one, one-to-many, panel interviews, group exercises etc. Any kind of interview can easily be conducted based on the recruiters’ specifications, significantly reducing hiring time by letting recruiters simultaneously interview and evaluate multiple candidates.
  4. A rich question bank: With role relevant, pre-defined and structured sets of questions derived from a huge repository of in-built question banks available in multiple languages, SmartMeet throws some serious shade on face-to-face interviews. Interviewers can add their own questions before the interview during the interview based on how they want the interview to progress. SmartMeet also supports Multiple choice questions (MCQs), coding tasks, case-study-analysis questions etc. for candidates to attempt, to make the whole interview much more interesting for the candidate and more thorough for the interviewer.
  5. Comprehensive candidate evaluation: Endeavouring to reach your hiring numbers while working from home should not alter the quality of candidate evaluation. In office, to identify the combination and level of skills required for a job, hiring managers traditionally follow the approach of mapping an open position to a set of evaluation criteria and each criterion carries a weight or a rank depending upon how critical it is to the role in question. Building on that further,  SmartMeet uses predefined question-level parameters for different competencies required for the job role. It also lets you manually define evaluation criteria for each question so you can ensure a  well-rounded candidate evaluation.
  6. Share recorded interview: Hiring managers can share interview recordings with other hiring managers to get different perspectives and feedback on candidates so they can make informed hiring decisions.
  7. Combine SmartMeet with AI powered assessments: Aspiring Minds’ bouquet of products can amplify your hiring effectiveness by combining top of the market video interviewing tools with cognitive/functional/behavioural tests built on the same platform. SmartMeet along with AI-backed candidate assessments can deliver a comprehensive candidate evaluation and a seamless candidate experience.
  8. Superior candidate experience: Hiring with SmartMeet can help you achieve greater traction with your candidate pool while at the same time,deliver a pleasant, rich, interactive experience. Via SmartMeet, candidates get to sit for the interview and use multiple tools in their arsenal like video & audio conferencing, whiteboard, web chat etc. to respond to questions. With SmartMeet, an interview process is less formal and more collaborative because the applicants get so many avenues to express themselves better.

When video-interviewing tools first hit the market, they busted the myth that using  technology cannot be as effective as physical interviews. In fact, VI tools currently outshine face-to-face interviews as they tick all the right boxes for achieving social distancing as well as hiring quality talent.  As a long term strategy, organizations stand to benefit by using remote interviewing technology as it is not only efficient but will continue to evolve in the coming years, helping you whittle down your time-to-hire and increase your overall hiring competency.

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