A cheat sheet to protect your assessments from fraud with AI-powered auto-proctoring solutions

The past decade has seen a jump in the number of employers using online digital talent assessments to meet their hiring needs. These tools help employers reduce their recruitment costs and free them from the administrative and logistical hassles of traditional in-person evaluations. Also they help candidates by allowing them to break the barriers of geography with anytime, anywhere access.

But the convenience comes at a price. As human oversight goes down, the potential for fraud goes up. Misrepresentation, plagiarism and other types of cheating threatens the reliability of these new methods of assessment and stand in the way of widespread adoption. Fortunately, the need to guarantee integrity has sparked the development of auto-proctoring solutions with a range on AI-enabled features that simulate human monitors and restore trust in the process.

Proctoring is key to maintaining high reliability in any assessment and to verifying the quality of the candidates selected. Nowhere is proctoring more critical than in online assessments, where candidates and evaluators sit miles apart. Reliable auto-proctoring makes digital talent assessments trustworthy and fair.

Here are our picks of the most common cheating tactics employed by candidates and organizations can use proctoring solutions to keep them in check



With the latest technological advancements powered by AI, auto-proctoring has evolved into a sophisticated solution capable of analyzing every action of a candidate during skills testing. Any potential fraud is immediately flagged and sent to the company assessors for review.

Auto-proctoring solutions maintain the integrity of digital talent assessments by guaranteeing the reliability of candidate test results. These tools are revolutionizing the recruiting process by eliminating the costs and logistical complications of on-site human proctoring. Auto-proctoring integrates seamlessly with online assessment software and requires no additional investment in infrastructure or personnel.

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