Automated Recruitment: Unlock your hiring capability during lockdown

As we approach the end of 40 days of national lockdown, we’ve witnessed a whole spectrum of reactions and coping mechanisms coming from the industry. Even though it has disrupted the hiring strategy of nearly every enterprise, it’s very heartening to see that practically none of them have let the coronavirus dampen their enthusiasm or alter their commitment to their current as well as potential employees. While some companies are still exploring various technology options for being able to ‘meet’ candidates virtually, others have already gone ahead and have started conducting interviews online to keep up with their business goals. As a result, the number of technologies that support talent acquisition and management have suddenly mushroomed into a whole plethora of options. The HR sphere is absolutely buzzing with words like Chat-bots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs), Internet of Things, Asynchronous Video Interviews, remotely proctored hiring, Live Video Interviews etc. and companies are spoilt for choice.

All of these concepts are technology-led and each one can be utilized to create completely new ways of evaluating and hiring candidates. If you consider the typical talent acquisition cycle of any progressive organization today, technology gets involved right at the first step, helping to shortlist candidates by evaluating their foundational skills like cognitive, language, personality etc. through auto-proctored tests. Various kinds of candidate assessment tools lead the next few levels of screenings to ensure a streamlined process flow and a high degree of automation so you can identify qualified candidates quickly.

Here are the some automated candidate assessment tools that you can use over the course of the hiring cycle to tap the best candidates from the talent pool remotely and with hight efificiency:


Automating Top-of-the-funnel screening

As a general rule-of-thumb, getting stronger candidates at the top of the funnel is far more important than getting a high volume of applicants. If this step is automated and systematized, it can take care of one of the biggest pain points for recruiters.   AMCAT by Aspiring Minds offers an online, computer adaptive, standardized test, where you can administer the test simultaneously to multiple candidates, compare their test scores and quickly generate a shortlist of relevant candidates. While most aptitude tests only measure a test taker's verbal comprehension and reasoning abilities, AMCAT additionally evaluates personality traits and domain skills, thus becoming an ideal test to match the right candidates to the right job. A whopping 5 million candidates have already taken AMCAT since its inception, reaffirming the trust that hundreds of organizations have on its capability. For the hiring managers, it is nothing short of a goldmine to have a promising talent pipeline and a reliable online assessment. AMCAT affects enormous savings by eliminating a fair amount of human effort at the preliminary level filtering. It also secures a higher yield at the top of the funnel, which means lesser time gets wasted in subsequent assessment stages.

Once candidates have been shortlisted after top of the funnel screening, a different kind of technology can be used to take them through the next round of detailed evaluation. Current directives mandating social distancing have necessitated the need to adopt specialist video based interviewing tools that can offer a reliable, secure platform for interviewing candidates remotely.


On Demand Video Interviewing & Simulations for assessments in the virtual world

As interviewing rooms shift to AI-based video interviewing platforms, remote evaluation of candidates brings to focus the fundamental need for having an assessment tool that can help shortlist candidates quickly and more accurately. Candidate engagement platforms with a machine-learning muscle can create really powerful, automated video interviewing tools.


Autoview - An on-demand video interview solution by Aspiring Minds, Autoview seeks candidate responses to previously recorded pre-set questions. It uses AI algorithms to rate an individual on functional and behavioural competencies. Using validated questions to measure these competencies, Autoview rates the content of the responses provided by the candidate using Natural Language Processing (NLP) based models. The biggest advantage of employing machine learning-based interviewing solutions is that it negates interviewer bias.  Autoview also allows creating customized AI models to accommodate business specific hiring needs. With such a staggering feature set, it has helped several global giants to reduce hiring cost by 55%, improve recruiter’s productivity by 45% and cut time to hire by 60%.

When the world runs on technology, one also needs to hire people to create these technical marvels. Automata is an automated candidate assessment tool specially created to assess coding skills of potential software programmers and developers. An AI-powered coding simulation assessment by Aspiring Minds, Automata helps to evaluate programming skills of candidates using an intuitive coding environment. It uses an AI/ML model to score programs with grades that have a high correlation with human-expert grades. Additionally, Automata reduces false rejects and increases the qualified candidate pool by 25%.


Live Video Interviewing solutions for comprehensive face-to-face interviewing and scoring

Once candidates are churned through various levels of technology-based assessments, the number of applicants gets whittled down to the final shortlist of names. Having automated all previous screenings, recruiters now need to engage with only top quality shortlisted candidates for the final interview instead of spending innumerable man-hours manually scrutinizing each and every applicant. For the final interview, we recommend adopting a full-service live video interviewing solution, which allows for a detailed candidate evaluation as well as a fantastic candidate experience.

SmartMeet by Aspiring Minds is an AI powered live interviewing tool that enables recruiters to interview candidates in real-time from the comfort of their desk or on the go. With one-click-start to interviews, SmartMeet is easy to schedule, has an enviable bank of pre-defined questions and supports multiple interview formats (ranging from one-to-one, many-to-one (panel) or one-to-many interviews (group discussion)) on multiple devices. It also delivers an engaging interview experience to the candidates as it allows them to easily showcase their abilities beyond the resume, anytime, anywhere.

Similarly, to assess coders and developers, CodeMeet runs live online technical interviews with an integrated code editor, compiler, whiteboard, audio video conferencing and analytics. It enables interviewers to view, interact and monitor the programmers online as they attempt the coding challenges.


Groom your Talent with virtual Technology

AI goes beyond just hiring, because today, it is integral to improving the collective competency of your workforce. Organizations can use this lockdown by leveraging automation not just for the talent acquisition process but also to fortify their learning and development function by using Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs). VACs bring in an improved degree of accuracy by mapping organizational competencies across roles, offer actionable insights for groups & individuals, envision and execute succession planning and put skilling and re-skilling on the fast lane without hampering scalability.



What the world could look like post the lockdown is anybody’s guess. While passing through this time of uncertainty, organizations will either regroup, redouble their efforts and become battle ready or else run far behind the pack. While the economic impact of this lockdown may not last indefinitely, it has undeniably changed the way most companies view the involvement of technology in their key verticals. To make sure they have the best people, organizations have started to embrace automation as part of their DNA. If you haven’t adopted automated assessments as yet, the best time to do that was yesterday, the next-best time is today. The future is clearly leaning towards a more ‘intelligent’ digital environment that supports a virtual process for talent acquisition and management. Where do you lean?

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