Braving Work From Home: How a scientific AI-powered video interview solution helped CareerLabs, a Byju’s partner, to launch nationwide assessments

By now, most of us have gotten used to working within the confines of the social distancing norms. A big part of this adjustment is credited to technology that has played a critical role in ensuring work goes on uninterrupted. An impromptu huddle at work is now a planned video call, People Management is now exclusively digital and candidate evaluation runs on virtual assessment solutions.

CareerLabs, a BYJU’s partner, deployed technology to smoothly achieve its target to hire for an entry-level position during this lockdown. After evaluating multiple tech firms, CareerLabs chose to partner with Aspiring Minds, an SHL company. “We saw a clear advantage in choosing a dedicated candidate assessment solution that can be custom-built according to our needs and can also deliver quickly, especially in the present scenario”, said Ms. Itismita Rout, Senior HR Consultant with CareerLabs.

Here is how their recruitment journey went in the time of lockdown:

CareerLabs wanted to hire for the role of a Business Development Associate within the Sales Department. However, because the lockdown kept getting extended, it was proving difficult for them to connect with so many candidates for just one role, when the entire hiring team was working from their respective homes.


Why Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds offers a highly validated and wide range of assessments to evaluate candidates for sales roles, which can comprehensively assess the aptitude, traits and work skills of applicants.


The Solution

After understanding the hiring needs of CareerLabs; Autoview was identified as the ideal assessment solution for evaluating candidates for the entry-level position.

Autoview by Aspiring Minds is a standardized, on-demand video interviewing tool that allows candidates to take the interview anytime, anywhere. Fully customizable, it assesses the body language, behaviour, English language skills, voice-emotion, facial recognition etc. to evaluate the suitability of a candidate for a particular job.

For the role of a Business Development Associate, CareerLabs received 597 applications. All candidates were scheduled in 3 batches to take Autoview, at the end of which 335 candidates managed to complete the test.  Autoview provided the recruiters a comprehensive report and an AI-score for each applicant, where they could record and playback the entire interview and assess the candidates at their own convenience while working from home. Autoview also let them collaborate with all hiring managers  to collectively shortlist the top candidates.

For the final round, the shortlisted candidates from all 3 batches had a one-on-one online ‘meeting’ with the recruiter where they were able to get a more tangible experience with CareerLabs and could know more details about the specific role as well as the organization.


The Result

Within days of getting Aspiring Minds on board, CareerLabs had identified 7 candidates for making the final offer. Despite the added stress of operating in a lockdown, CareerLabs not only managed to hire someone without going to the office or getting tangled in managing interview logistics, they were also able to achieve enormous efficiency. “AI & NLP Technologies are great for saving time and energy. They minimized our recruitment cost by screening out the outliers based on our requirements.

"We knew Autoview was giving us phenomenal reach, but only when we conducted the test did we realize the degree of accuracy and efficiency it was able to infuse in the entire hiring process”, Itismita concluded.

The AI scores provided by Autoview helped CareerLabs quickly arrive at a highly concentrated set of qualified candidates, which remarkably shrank the hiring cycle as well as their hiring costs. This freed up a lot of time for the recruiters, who otherwise would have taken weeks to complete the two-step screenings manually.

One silver lining in this difficult time is that technology has become the one common thread that runs across all aspects of employee management, be it candidate assessment or employee on-boarding or performance management.  The sheer effectiveness and accuracy of virtual assessment tools has encouraged organizations to increase their use of automation and digitization in developing a far more streamlined, company-wide People Strategy to prepare for the new Post-COVID19 future.

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