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The talent evaluation space today is peppered with a multitude of vendors and solution providers, all vying to offer their own brand of video assessment and interview tools. Why? Because hiring throws up ever increasing challenges for the recruiters like difficulty in coordinating and scheduling multiple rounds of interviews, setting up an interview panel on a short notice, candidates not turning up due to time or location constraints – and the list goes on.

Given the fierce competition to onboard the best talent, seeking help from new age tech solutions to hasten the hiring cycle has become the need of the hour. To be able to identify the right vendor who can offer precise functionalities that tick all your boxes is as big a challenge as any. One hears of stories where a technology partner made tall claims of streamlining the entire assessment and interview flow but fell really short on performance; or when the new technology failed to fully integrate with the customer’s existing ATS systems; or when the product was not mature enough to serve multiple workflows, etc. After looking at all these challenges and acknowledging the urgent demand for comprehensive assessment products from our existing clients, Aspiring Minds created Autoview, a comprehensive on-demand, video interviewing and candidate evaluation solution with the same accuracy and reliability that defines Aspiring Minds’ talent assessments. Here is why we recommend it:

  • Access to scores of pre-recorded questions: The software comes with an in-built question bank for thousands of job profiles, where the questions are sorted into categories like domain, HR, brainteasers, situational questions, statutory queries, spoken English etc. For example:
    • HR Question: ‘Describe a situation when you helped someone. What was the situation? What did you do to help?’
    • Domain Question (for a software engineer profile): ‘How do you maintain database integrity when deletions from one table automatically cause deletions in another table?’
    • Situational Question: (Devising strategies to launch a product): ‘You work for north India's major kids' apparel brand which plans to enter the market in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Can you devise a strategy for the same?’

Another issue pertaining to face-to-face interviews is interview bias. In addition to ensuring proper content coverage for the interview, our content development team follows strict guidelines for reviewing items for any potential bias or fairness issues. The test items are reviewed by multiple psychometricians in accordance with these guidelines. The guidelines check for offensive content, bias/sensitivity with respect to race, ethnicity, gender or any other stereotype.


  • A single-window schematic of all interviews: One of the best features about Autoview is the single-screen access to the interview status of all candidates being considered for a position, along with their different stages of progress, be it ‘Completed’, ‘In progress’, or ‘May be considered’ etc. From the same screen, you can send an email to a candidate, schedule the next interaction, view assessment reports etc. Just imagine the massive amount of time this will free up for the hiring team, when recruiters start organizing interviews with a mere click of a few buttons on our custom-made video interviewing platform.


  • AI-powered scores deliver detailed candidate analysis: Using a proprietary Facial Action Coding System (FACs) to automatically detect ‘Facial Action Units (AUs)’, Autoview analyses facial expressions, emotions, body posture, patterns of speech and intonation, eye contact etc., to provide you with additional candidate insights. Putting its AI saturated architecture to full use, our interview platform lets recruiters quantitatively measure and compare candidate performance versus job requirements and quickly arrive at a consider/decline decision.


  • Manage and assign interviews to multiple evaluators: Here is another way our video assessment interview tool creates tangible efficiencies in the hiring cycle. Instead of chasing after hiring managers to seek their availability or get interview feedback, recruiters can use Autoview to schedule and record the entire process, share it with the managers and get immediate feedback of whether the candidate is rejected or moves to the next level of evaluation. Since the machine-learning system provides a score for each candidate based on their interview, it becomes very easy for evaluators to go through the applications quickly and identify the ones they would like to shortlist, thus saving almost 60% of the recruiters’ time.


  • Record and review later at ease: Because traditional face-to-face interviews require immediate scoring & assessment, recruiters are always in a rush to record & collate feedback right after so that evaluator data remains undiluted. To ensure that quality of assessment does not suffer, it is all the more necessary to have a technology platform that can document candidate interviews. Online interviewing solutions allow your team to divide ownership across all stages and pace out the assessment process by recording interviews and reviewing them at their own convenience.


Autoview is a smart interviewing, scheduling, and evaluating platform that is easy to integrate with your existing systems. Because of its machine-learning backbone, it can quickly gain proficiency from analyzing empirical selection or job performance data, and fine-tune itself to offer even more insightful, unbiased results. We’ve even taken care of little details; our platform supports using your own brand or company logo on our pages so your TA team as well as your candidates have a seamless branded experience with your company. Using an ideal interviewing solution is like waving a magic wand over your recruitment process and transforming it into a nimble, efficient, structurally strong operation that lasts a lifetime. Get in touch with us today so we can design the right assessment solution for you.

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