Make your Candidate Assessments more precise with AI-enriched Live Proctoring

Every year, thousands of aspiring job seekers complete assessments for hundreds of ‘corporate’ jobs with the hope of obtaining a stable job and a secure future. These settings usually included numerous proctors to ensure that job seekers are deterred from using unfair measures during the exams. This year, the employment market, just like everything else, has had to brace itself for impact from the Corona virus pandemic. Organizations looking to fill multiple positions have now started turning towards digital solutions to help them conduct monitored online candidate assessments.

However, every new technology invokes its own set of questions; is remote assessment a real possibility? Will I be able to remotely proctor the sessions? How accurate is remote proctoring? Does it alter how candidates perform on the exams?

Online assessment with live proctoring is one of the hottest trends in talent acquisition right now, and given the current home-isolation directives, it is steadily gaining popularity with both educational institutes and corporations.

Aspiring Minds’ live proctoring technology rivals the best in the industry, enabling employers to monitor candidates taking the assessment in real-time. This helps to keep copying/cheating in check. It also helps to maintain the integrity of remote assessments - just like in-person evaluations. Here’s how:

  • Enable or Disable Live Proctoring: Our automated, AI-fuelled assessments are proctoring enabled. This means that recruiters can opt-in/opt-out to monitor candidates in real-time. Using the Recruiter’s interface, before setting up an assignment, the recruiter can specify whether live proctoring will be enabled. If it is enabled, each candidate attempting an online exam is monitored via webcam by a trained proctor whose job is to establish the veracity of the candidate and to make sure the applicant does not cheat for the entire duration of the exam.
  • Invigilator Management: On the assessment platform, it is very easy to create a user as an invigilator/proctor. When a user is defined as a Proctor, s/he gets only proctoring access to the assessment. Proctors cannot view any other menu items other than the proctoring side-panel.
  • Proctoring Features: Once a proctor receives permission to monitor an assessment, s/he can view 9 candidates on the screen at one time, and can scroll left or right to view the next set of applicants. The proctor can switch to full screen view of any added candidate at any instant and have a close look at the candidate’s activities. S/he can also select a specific assessment to view and add a candidate for that assessment.

Moreover, proctors can search for the candidates assigned to them via candidate listings, add/delete candidates that they need to monitor, mute/unmute them, view proctoring-notifications (e.g. if a candidate is attempting to print screen, a notification is sent to the proctor), add comments and have chat functionality as well. On top of that, they can also record the candidate’s screen to document his movements and on-screen navigation, playback the video and report or even lock a candidate’s assessment if s/he is seen committing serious violations or suspicious activities.

  • Clear & Simple Instructions for Candidates: Before applicants begin the test, they are advised to be alone and unchaperoned, stay within the webcam frame in a brightly lit room and close all open applications. The assessment allows only one IP address to be associated with the candidate. Proctors can freeze a candidate’s screen so s/he cannot toggle between windows or open any other application.
  • Live Notifications for Proctor:  Notifications appear as soon as a candidate commits a violation. The proctor can see the count of total notifications against each candidate. Each notification will show the examinee name, violation committed (like browser tab switch or print screen use), the assessment for which the violation is committed and the time at which it is committed. The system also sends alerts on the candidate’s live feed of a violation to warn him/her about committing further violations.

Live proctors get additional help from auto-proctoring features to make sure they conduct a tightly controlled assessment. Things like toggle-lock, ‘no-face’ and ‘multi-face’ detection, monitoring keystroke patterns, basic behaviour cues of the examinee etc., are auto-evaluated to constantly check the integrity of a candidate’s performance.

Despite our increasing reliance on technology and automation, some things will still benefit from a human touch. Social distancing norms don’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon. Having trained, eagle-eyed proctors to monitor assessments that help to identify high quality talent spread across geographies can create a remarkable difference in the quality and the number of candidates that get selected for the next round.

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