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Dive into Greatness—How to Create Seamless Candidate Experiences - Aspiring Minds (Featured Image)

Dive into Greatness – How to Create Seamless Candidate Experiences

In the last four months—as global markets panicked and economic activity stopped in many sectors, hiring slowed or froze in many companies. Along with it came the new challenge for how to run the recruitment process and provide a unique and seamless experience…

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Is Elevating Candidate Experience an Art or a Science?

Elevating candidate experience has been one of the toughest nuts to crack for recruiters. In the latest research conducted by the TalentBoard, 85% of the organizations surveyed shared that improving candidate experience was their recruiting focus.

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3 Proven Approaches for Recruiting Your Future Tech Leaders

COVID-19 has been, by far, the biggest catalyst in making ‘digital transformation’ the keystone of all organizational strategies across the globe. Consequently, digital skills have become the crux of this evolution. The latest report on Tech Talent Recruitment from Gartner states that 65% percent of Heads of Recruiting agreed that the digital/tech talent market is far more…

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Make your Candidate Assessments more precise with AI-enriched Live Proctoring

Live proctors get additional help from auto-proctoring features to make sure they conduct a tightly controlled assessment. Things like toggle-lock, ‘no-face’ and ‘multi-face’ detection, monitoring keystroke patterns, basic behaviour cues of the examinee etc., are auto-evaluated.

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Braving Work From Home: How a scientific AI-powered video interview solution helped CareerLabs, a Byju’s partner, to launch nationwide assessments

CareerLabs, a BYJU’s partner, deployed technology to smoothly achieve its target to hire for an entry-level position during this lockdown. After evaluating multiple tech firms, CareerLabs chose to partner with Aspiring Minds, an SHL company…

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Braving COVID-19: How Epay Systems assessed 200+ candidates to close a job opening in one week!

Aspiring Minds’ virtual tools were the first choice for Epay for enabling their client achieve their hiring goals. After researching about the virtual tools in the market, Ankita Singh from Epay Systems was impressed by the capabilities…

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Automated Recruitment: Unlock your hiring capability during lockdown

As we approach the end of 40 days of national lockdown, we’ve witnessed a whole spectrum of reactions and coping mechanisms coming from the industry. Even though it has disrupted the hiring strategy of nearly every enterprise,…

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Live interviewing in times of COVID-19: How SmartMeet’s rich features facilitate best interview practices to help you keep going

In the wake of COVID-19’s onslaught, the world is witnessing an unprecedented situation. Social distancing has become the latest buzzword that has started impacting not just how we get food or groceries delivered, but also in the way we are going to get back to work.

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Video Interviewing in the era of social distancing and why it is better than face to face interviews

Hiring managers worldwide must adopt the latest video interviewing technology. 10 of the biggest reasons why video interviewing technology is far superior, creates greater value and is far more efficient than face to face interviews for screening candidates

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Top 7 Video Interview Best Practices to keep you going in times of COVID-19 lockdown and beyond

Video interviewing is well on its way to establish itself as the next big thing in the recruitment space. Without needing the candidate to be physically present in the same room as the interviewer, the relevant interview tool helps to properly…

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