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Campus hiring program in China evaluates written English with AI-powered automated assessment

A leading global technology company that provides software design, delivery, tools and consulting services to organizations worldwide. With 42 offices in 15 countries, English is a key competency for maintaining communications..

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90% reduction in candidate processing time by using AI-powered spoken English assessment

A global software giant faced tremendous challenges in identifying candidates with a high degree of English proficiency in China’s highly competitive job market. The company traditionally evaluated their applicants manually. This process required over two weeks to grade and analyze assessment results, making the hiring process painstakingly slow.

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AI-powered Coding Assessments empowered Baidu to win the talent war

Baidu, one of the world’s largest AI and internet companies, uses a highly rigorous hiring process to recruit only the best of the best. In China’s highly competitive internet space — with the likes of Tencent, Alibaba and more — Baidu faced increasing challenges to not only find top talent but to also ensure a high join-rate.

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Startup dramatically expands candidate pool using AI-powered coding assessment in a highly competitive internet space

Meicai, an emerging vegetable supply startup, struggled to attract quality programmers amidst the intense competition for talent in the startup ecosystem. Students from top colleges preferred to join established companies with proven track records over new players like Meicai.

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Telecom giant reduced hiring time by 70% with automation of the candidate evaluation process

A multinational telecommunications company based in China traditionally relied on paper assessments to evaluate their software engineering job applicants. These antiquated methods made their recruitment process inefficient, expensive and slow.

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Transforming Tech Hiring with AI powered coding assessments

One of the five biggest companies in the world had a problem. They needed to identify top flight programming talent from schools as well as candidates with professional software experience quickly and economically without sacrificing excellence.

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