AMCAT is world’s only adaptive assessment for job skills that predicts job performance for a wide variety of jobs.

The Need

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Hiring employable candidates efficiently is a challenge for every company. Companies want to reduce hiring time, cost and effort.

More importantly, they want to reduce bad hires, standardize the quality of their workforce and also, identify those who will be highly successful for a given role.

There is a strong need of automated assessment which is accurate, scalable and predictive of candidate success in a wide variety of roles.

The Solution

AMCAT is a multi-dimensional adaptive instrument that measures the knowledge, skills and personality required for multiple job roles.

It not only provides an accurate measurement of a candidate’s ability, but also builds on multiple years of data to identify that AMCAT scores accurately predict performance in different jobs.

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The key features of AMCAT are as follows:

IRT driven Statistical Assessment Technology

Item Response Theory (IRT) brings state-of-the-art assessment quality to AMCAT. This technology, powering the world’s high stake tests (including GRE, GMAT, SAT), makes AMCAT a statistically driven, sophisticated tool for doing accurate, reliable and standardized evaluations.

Adaptive and Intelligent Assessments

For the first time, AMCAT provides a real-time, genuinely adaptive assessment solution to evaluate talent across a wide spectrum of skill levels. Not only does the intelligent evaluation ensure highly accurate evaluation, it acts as a selection tool beating typical mere elimination evaluations.

International Reliability Standards

When it comes to standards, AMCAT adheres to the world’s most stringent guidelines on reliability and repeat-ability. The cronbach alpha of various scales and the standard error of modules conform and better international standards of high stake tests, ensuring reliable measurement of talent.

Standardized for Accuracy

Any where, any time testing is essential and standardization ensures the evaluations across locations and time remain accurate, comparable and adhere to the same scale. AMCAT’s standardized scales ensure that you can do comparable evaluation and establish long term benchmarks of quality.

Validated Classification of Candidates

AMCAT has been used over a million times over the last few years, helping recruit tens of thousands of candidates. AMCAT has been validated to predict efficiency and performance of talent for multiple roles across sectors. These include roles across technology, sales, servicing, support, operations and management. This makes AMCAT the only standardized test of employability which is backed by data in its predictive ability.

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