CodeMeet - AI-assisted live coding interviewing platform

CodeMeet - the AI-assisted live coding interviewing platform that gives candidates an interactive and collaborative coding environment and interviewers a powerful coding interview tool. See why leading tech firms worldwide rely on Aspiring Minds technical hiring solutions to hire the right engineers for every job!  Reserve your demo.

Feature rich live coding environment

Interactive and collaborate real-time coding environment, video streaming, chat and whiteboard.

Remote interviewing without the hassles

Reach talent anywhere with convenience and make remote interviewing interactive and engaging.

Data-driven insights for better hiring decisions

AI-powered real-time feedback on code quality, fluency, and analysis of candidate's state of mind.

Stress-free candidate experience

Live coding interview in a familiar environment delivers engaging, interactive experience while replicating an in-person meeting.

Full code record and replay

Full record and replay of entire interview including audio and video. Easy to share and review with colleagues.

Easy to use dashboard

Preconfigure interview questions or add questions on-the-fly, record real-time feedback and suggest hints.

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