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Aspiring Minds, the global leader in employability assessments, mined the US job market to ascertain demand and compensation for approximately 200 different skill sets in each state. Here’s a look at some interesting insights revealed in the Skill Map Report – U.S. 2016.

map Information gathering & synthesis, Agreeableness, Stress Management, Finger dexterity, Manual dexterity and Extraversion are the most sought-after skills and traits in the US
map Generic skills/personality traits like Inductive reasoning and Openness to experience draw the highest compensation
map Medicine is the highest compensated skill in the US with an average compensation of $145,194 followed by Architecture
map Software engineering and analytical skills are in highest demand and earn the highest compensation along the East and West Coast technology hubs

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Heat Map depicting the average compensation for software engineering skills. Link for interactive map is given above
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