We provide assessment solutions that will help you identify candidates with the right job-fit to succeed in the Life Sciences industry.


Every year around 20,000 candidates possessing graduate & post-graduate degrees in biotechnology and related fields enter the job market. However, the bulk of undergraduates (50-75%) are deemed to be unemployable. It has also been observed that a life sciences company screens over 200 resumes in order to pick up one or two candidates who could fulfil their requirement. Given the number of highly technical roles evolving, it is hard to keep pace. No wonder, recruiting the right person for a job is a tedious and time consuming task in the Life Sciences industry.

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AMCAT suite for Life Sciences includes a comprehensive set of assessments which evaluates candidates across competencies required to succeed in the Life Sciences industry. The adaptive and standardized assessment suite will help you in evaluating undergraduate as well post-graduate pursuing a degree in Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and other related disciplines.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for Life Sciences: • Basic Biology • Basic Pharmaceutical Awareness • Biotech Lab Techniques • Molecular Biology • Medical Sales Aptitude • AMCAT English Comprehension • WriteX • Workplace Health and Safety • Sales Competency Test

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There are multiple job roles in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and each role requires the candidates to have a different skill-set. While in some roles apart from good aptitude, practical knowledge in the domain subjects is also important; in some other roles the personality fitment is given considerable weightage in addition to domain knowledge. We recommend a combination of the above plug-and-play modules depending on the job role and targeted supply. Basis the evaluation of various competencies required for success in particular roles, AMCAT Life Sciences produces a comprehensive report predicting role fitment of the candidate to specific jobs.

AMCAT Life Sciences can be used successfully to hire fresh talent for job roles in various functions like: • Research & Development/Scientist • Production • Quality Control and Quality Assurance • Sales • Operations

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