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AM Situations

Assessing how a candidate will perform in a real-life working environment.


There is a consistent need of HR managers to understand how a candidate will solve a problem in a real work situation, manage his/her interpersonal relations and whether the candidate has the right ‘attitude’ for the job. There is a hidden practical intelligence or tacit knowledge, which makes one candidate successful versus another. Unfortunately, these competencies aren’t well tested by standard tests of cognitive skills or personality skills.

Our Solution – AM Situations

The AM Situations assessment assesses how a particular individual will approach a given situation at work place and in what manner.

Think of it as a case interview where the individual is given a workplace situation and is asked that how will you manage it. The interviewer may post several questions: what will you do, will you delegate the job, will you escalate or act yourself and more. AM Situations simulates this in a standardized test, where the candidate is provided with situations and asked to choose his/her best and worst response to handle the situation.

Using our path-breaking scoring algorithm, AM Situations provide scores on multiple competencies. For instance, in a sales situation assessment, it provides scores on competencies such as customer expectation management, proactive selling and goal orientation. Whereas some of these competencies measure how the candidate does on his/her interactions with the customer, others measure his/her management of his own work of reaching out to prospects and following up.

The test is a significant predictor of performance in roles requiring interpersonal skills, managerial skills and handling of practical situations. For instance, in a sales role in an insurance company, AMCAT Sales Situation test together with Logical Ability, Personality and insurance readiness module correlated with performance by 0.41 (Pearson coefficient of correlation, 0.32 without situations test). This implied that it could lead to an increase of high performers in the company by 1.6 times, if the test battery was used in the next hiring cycle. Similarly, the Customer Services Situation test could increase the high performers in a support engineer role by 1.4 times. AM Situations is available for particular roles such as Customer Service, Sales and People Manager. It is also used to measure particular competencies such as team work, prioritization, integrity, customer centricity and mindset.

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