Advanced Quantitative Ability

Test Description

The Advanced Quantitative ability test falls under the Cognitive Aptitude Test group. The Advanced Quantitative Ability test measures the numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical calculations. The questions range from Basic Mathematics (understanding of number system and basic mathematical operations) to Applied Mathematics (problems of arithmetic reasoning, percentage analysis, and quantitative analysis) to Engineering Mathematics (understanding of permutation-combination, probability and logarithms). The abilities assessed by the Quantitative Ability test are critical for the selection of right-fit employees for a wide range of positions that require mathematical competence. In addition, this cognitive test can be used as a development tool for current employees to identify areas of improvement. Advanced Quantitative Ability: a cognitive ability test can be combined with our other assessments to comprehensively evaluate language, behaviour, functional and other cognitive abilities.


English, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic

Competencies measured

Basic Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Relevant to these Job Roles

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