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AutoView is an on-demand video interviewing tool that enables recruiters to screen more candidates faster, standardize their recruiting process, and drastically increase speed to hire. Clients can deliver a branded interview experience to candidates by adding their organization’s photos, videos and realistic job preview. This innovative online video interview tool provides comprehensive AI-scores and question-by-question replay that helps recruiters to make the right hiring decisions - driven by data and not intuition!

Recruiters can set up video interviews for recruitment within minutes using an extensive library of pre-recorded questions or add their own questions in text, audio or video format. The questions are tagged to various competencies and available in multiple languages and accents. Recruiters can also pre-define evaluation parameters at question or aggregate level to standardize evaluation and reduce any chance of bias creeping in the hiring decision.

Autoview’s AI auto-evaluates candidate’s spoken content, facial expressions, voice tonality, and body language to provide scores on their social skills, workplace skills, and functional knowledge. Customers can also opt for custom-AI models to measure client-specific competencies. With full interview recording, recruiters can review the interview anytime and can also share the recording and scores with other hiring managers to facilitate collaborative decision making.

Autoview – an automated recorded video interview tool delivers a candidate-friendly interview experience with an intuitive interface that offers question preview, quick system diagnostic check and option to pause and resume the test. It works even in low bandwidth and the test resumes from the same point where it stopped. It is also available on multiple devices – mobile, desktop/laptop that enables candidates to take the interview anytime, anywhere.



Competencies measured

Learning Attitude


Stress Management

Planning and Organizing

Communication Skills




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