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SmartMeet is a live interview tool that enables recruiters to interview candidates in real-time from the comfort of their desk or on the go. It streamlines the interview process, delivers engaging interview experience and enables candidates to showcase their abilities beyond the resume.

Recruiters can effectively interview candidates to get the right talent with the help of AI insights, easy scheduling, video/audio conferencing, pre-defined questions, whiteboard interaction, hints and text chat. Conduct structured interviews across locations and recruiters by predefining interview questions and evaluation parameters. Manage the end-to-end interview process seamlessly. Take point-in-time notes and submit feedback in a structured manner that can be reviewed at any time.

Standardize candidate review process across recruiters using pre-defined evaluation parameters. Make prudent hiring decisions free of any bias and prejudice by sharing interview recording with hiring managers or customers that they can analyze and review to take the right decision.



Competencies measured

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Work Ethic

Problem Solving


Cultural Fit

Functional Knowledge

Relevant to these Job Roles

Hire the best talent by using right pre-employment assessment and interview solution

candidates evaluated annually
clients globally
Fortune-500 customers
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