CodeMeet: Live, Real-time, Automated Coding assessment platform on the Go!

Any organisation would want their developers to concentrate on what they do best – development! However many a times, as part of hiring, they also need to devote time on assessing potential candidates. Often, this is a long drawn process involving coding assignments, assessments and reviews. Moreover, a wrong move in here can cost the organization. Losses could accrue through the time spent in training, development besides poor productivity besides just monetary setbacks.

Out here technology can help. Artificial Intelligence with its very visible impact on the business landscape is aiding decision makers with increased automation and advanced analytics. In coding too, assessments have become automated to help interviewers find the best talent within just a few minutes of interaction. Take CodeMeet, a coding interview platform which runs live online technical interviews with an integrated code editor, compiler, whiteboard, audio video conferencing and analytics. It enables interviewers to view, interact and monitor the programmers online as they attempt the coding challenges.

In essence CodeMeet is an online room to collaborate & code with the candidates in real-time tech interviews. Some of its key features are:

  • Real Time Evaluation to observe candidate's thought process of solving a coding challenge via live virtual session. Further AI helps in an automated evaluation of facial features too.
  • Multitude of options to interact through chat, video, audio and whiteboard.
  • Questions on the fly can be added and put forth
  • Full Interview Replay whence every keystroke gets recorded and can be replayed at any point of time


Dramatic increase in interviewing efficiency 

CodeMeet by virtue of offering a seamless user experience ensures remote interviewing to be as effective as in-person interviews. In a live assessment, while new questions can be added as per context of a discussion, co-interviewers or even multiple candidates can be added too. Interviewers can watch candidates live code in 20+ languages, chat, talk, and add comments on-the-go. With use of an online whiteboard, they can control who to invite and choose programming challenges to quiz on. A full interview recording and replay with feedback recording reduces total interview effort by at least 40%.


Aid to the Interviewer

Interviewers can conveniently annotate various aspects of the interview including the code, whiteboard, discussions and make it available for future reference. These annotations can be added at different points during the interview as notes and observations, which can be dynamically updated separately for each question. The observations help the interviewer to list out any multi-line insertions, code deletions and pattern matches to ascertain candidate has coded scrupulously. At the same time, all these inputs along with the interviewer comments at different instances provide for an exact feedback and an audit trail for an expedited assessment.


Intelligent tools within the platform

Tools such as auto-error detection, built in hints, intelligence to analyse code and a large question bank help in building a truly dependable developer assessment. Along with this, a collaborative code editor, auto-identification of stylistic errors, and uncompilable code grading help interviewers to make fast and right hiring decisions. Moreover, with Artificial Intelligence, interviewers can get a report on the candidate’s soft skills such as facial expression, gestures and speech patterns.


Unparalleled candidate experience

CodeMeet offers candidates and interviewers to Code in a shared environment, while running collaborative reviews. Thus a candidate can work on live feedback and work towards improving his/her code. This goes a long way in building up his/her trust in the organization. From an assessor’s perspective, the platform can be used to schedule programming challenges with multiple candidates working together to solve a problem and multiple evaluators assess the candidates –all done in parallel seamlessly.



CodeMeet radically improves the scale and speed of the recruitment process and thus helps you stay ahead of the curve in getting the best developers. It is delivered over a comprehensive recruiter Platform – iAssess, which can help set up, schedule assessment tests, view assessment reports, manage candidates and data and provides real-time analytics. Abilities to create custom tests, questions and assessments can be accommodated as per business specific hiring needs.

Finally, with an easy integration with some of the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems such as Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, iCIMS, Greenhouse, etc. CodeMeet provides for a robust digital interface to assess and hire developers with trust.


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