Move beyond test cases: Identify star coders through AI-powered online coding

Tech hiring is undergoing a transformation. Recruiters increasingly rely on coding assessments to evaluate job applicants and weed out poor performers from the candidate pool. Because if someone cannot code well, then what is the point of keeping them around? But this represents a myopic view of talent that does not always give a fair picture of what a candidate has to offer.

This sad state of affairs is not entirely the recruiter’s fault. The fact is, traditional coding assessments encourage this type of pass/fail mindset. But traditional coding assessments have limitations. They judge candidates on their ability to write a compilable code within a specified timeframe. But we all know that candidates commit minor errors while coding, such as errors in syntax. Or they might not take into account all test case scenarios. This is especially true when coding under pressure. But despite the insignificance and very human nature of these errors, the assessment is merciless. Otherwise fine candidates are severely penalized for these mistakes and taken out from the selection funnel.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived to restore some sanity and reason to the tech-hiring evaluation process. AI is revolutionizing coding assessments by moving beyond mere compilation and test cases. The latest generation of coding assessments use AI-powered simulations to assess candidate’s programming ability and coding logic that are much better set of parameters indicative of a candidate’s likely success on the job.

The AI-assisted coding test provides a range of scores instead of the typical binary score of pass/fail. The test analyzes a candidate’s programming ability and logical correctness of code and assigns a numerical score on a 100-point scale. The score takes into consideration various scenarios such as:

  • Logically correct code but with syntax errors
  • Compilable code but poor coding logic
  • Compilable, good logic but failed to pass a few test cases

For organizations that are struggling to hire in this tight labor market with its chronic shortage of top programming talent, this system delivers huge advantages. By identifying qualified people who would otherwise be dismissed, it allows recruiters to shortlist more candidates with confidence and gives quantifiable metrics to justify their candidacy within the organization. Thus, the system enables you to enhance your throughput by maximizing your talent pool. And by taking the guesswork out of deciding which candidates show real potential, you will end up with significantly fewer bad hires.

Watch a quick video to understand how AI-assisted coding assessments work:

Aspiring Minds’ Automata is an AI-powered coding simulation assessment that can score code that is uncompilable or that fails to pass all test cases. In a recent case study involving one of the largest e-commerce players in the US, we observed that 46% of candidates’ code was not compiling. However, when we applied Automata to the results, we found that 6% had nearly correct logic. An additional 29% of candidates would have arrived at the correct logic with just a little bit of guidance. We saw a similar outcome at a tech giant in China. There, Automata discovered that 27% of the company’s applicants produced codes that did not compile but had sound programming logic. To the benefit of everyone involved, Automata gave these candidates the chance they needed to showcase their coding skills! Imagine how much more fine talent is waiting to be discovered?

The infographic below illustrates the wide disparity between traditional coding assessments and next-gen, AI-powered assessments. AI-assisted coding tests shortlist 25% more candidates on average because the system is capable of recognizing which errors are prohibitive and which are inconsequential.



Automata does more than just score candidates. It also provides comprehensive feedback on a candidate’s algorithmic approach, execution statistics and code response. A quick code-replay option allows recruiters to review the entire coding assessment at their convenience.

AI Powered coding simulation assessments gives each and every candidate a fair opportunity to demonstrate their skills and show what they have to offer. Such assessments help companies cast a wider net to increase their chances of finding a great programmer who is the best fit for the job. No longer are recruiters limited to the candidates who are immediately available. Automata has helped organizations build a more diverse workforce and extend their recruitment reach by almost 4X.

So, if hiring top quality programmers is high on your list of priorities, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with us now to schedule your Automata demo and see the power of AI in action.


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