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AMCAT has helped various companies in different sectors improve the quality of their workforce. Read more to know the efficiency you can gain by implementing AMCAT in your hiring process.

AI based assessment technology helps automate customer support hiring at scale

Concentrix scales its hiring efforts and cuts recruitment time and costs, thanks to Aspiring Minds’ scientific assessments

AI-powered predictive assessment technology helps establish world-class customer support team

Sitel hires quality customer support team at scale, thanks to Aspiring Minds’ Artificial Intelligence based assessments

Data science helps predict sales success!

Predicting success of sales team using artificial intelligence - Case study | AM Situations

One of the largest insurance company leverages Artificial Intelligence based tools to predict success of sales recruits at scale!

Data science helps establish cutting-edge technology team

One of the world’s 5 largest companies leverages Aspiring Minds’ machine learning based tools and high-fidelity assessment technology to recruit the right talent at scale! Aspiring Minds’ leveraged its automated programming skills assessment – Automata to help the company identify and process more than 50,000 high-quality applicants in a single year; helping hire over 1000 top software engineers.

HDFC Bank hires just-in-time with Aspiring Minds' assessment technology

HDFC Bank, India’s largest private sector bank, entrusted Aspiring Minds the task of operationalizing a single-day exercise to conduct assessments for 1000s of applicants across 2 cities. Aspiring Minds leveraged its ‘appliance approach’ in delivering the AMCAT assessment platform and award-winning operational delivery support to ensure 100% success and pave the way to scale this methodology.

Life insurance agents hired using AMCAT perform 36% better: Study

A talent benchmarking study done at a large private life insurance company showed that average target achievement can increase by 36% if the agents are hired using AMCAT. AMCAT traits of Logical Ability, Sales Situation Judgment Test (Sales SJT), Agreeableness and Polychronicity showed significant correlation to sales performance of the agents.

AMCAT shows evidence that tele-sales employees efficiency can increase by 59%!

Benchmarking study conducted on existing employees at an ITeS organization showed that AMCAT can help increase high performers by 59% when used as a hiring tool. AMCAT traits of English, Logical Ability, Agreeableness and Emotional Stability showed high correlation to tele-sales performance.

AMCAT can almost double the high performers in front line sales role in insurance industry

A talent benchmarking study done at one of the top 3 private life insurance company showed that using AMCAT to hire front line sales personnel can increase high performers by 96%. AMCAT traits of English, Logical Ability and Agreeableness showed strong correlation to the performance.

SVAR achieves standardization of voice evaluation process; holds false rejects below 10%

Benchmarking study with one of the largest Global ITeS giant showed that SVAR could identify candidates with good spoken English when benchmarked against the evaluation done by voice trainers, with classification accuracy of 92%. SVAR measured spoken English of the candidates in same direction across all 6 traits, as measured manually by voice trainer.

Study proves AMCAT-Hospitality can significantly improve restaurant customer experience

A recent talent-benchmarking study of Food & Beverage personnel at a pan-India restaurant chain showed that AMCAT-Hospitality can increase high-performers by 66%. AMCAT English, Attention to Detail, Logical Ability and Extraversion showed highest correlation.

AMCAT improves performance of relationship managers(BFSI) by 50%: Study

A benchmarking study with a leading private AMC player in the country showed that using AMCAT for hiring can increase the high performing Relationship Managers (RMs) by close to 50%. AMCAT traits of English, Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Financial Services, Polychronicity and Conscientiousness showed significant correlation with the performance of the Relationship Managers.

AMCAT helps hotel-chain increase sale personnel efficiency by 67%

A recent study of sales personnel at a five-star hotel chain showed that using AMCAT for hiring could increase high performers by 67%. AMCAT traits of English, Logical ability, Extraversion and conscientiousness showed the highest correlation with sales performance.

48% low performers cut, campus hiring yield maintained using AMCAT: Study

A benchmarking study done at one of the largest IT services company in India showed that training yield can be increased by reducing low performers by 48%. AMCAT English, Logical Ability and Computer Programming modules showed to be strong predictor of training performance of the candidates.

Issues with using non-native Personality tests in India

Often, companies use personality tests constructed outside India for the purpose of recruitment, promotion inputs and training–requirement analysis. This case study argues by means of analyzing the structure of these tests and empirical evidence that non–native inventories are not reliable in the Indian context. Statistical analysis of a popular non–native FFM inventory delivered on an Indian graduate sample proves the point. The case study concludes with recommendations on the features a personality test should have to work in the Indian scenario.

AMCAT Results Mimic Interview Decisions

IT Product company hiring engineers could use AMCAT as a very strong selection criteria, was able to dramatically increase interview to selection convert rates to 1 in 2. The validity allowed them to standardize the assessment as a tool for selection for their on campus, off campus and walk-in recruitment process.

Rock Solid Consistency in hiring across 5 states and 24 campuses

Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT assessment – A computer Adaptive Standardized Assessment platform enabled a blue chip company to hire in a consistent and standardized manner with amazing efficiency.

AMPI – India’s first Personality Inventory standardized on an Indian Norm

A personality assessment designed for the mass Indian work force at entry level has come off age. Aspiring Minds Personality inventory a inventory normalized over 13,000 people proves to be a key differentiator in selecting the right people.

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