AI-powered Coding Assessments empowered Baidu to win the talent war

Discover how Baidu acquired top talent by improving its candidate selection ratio for the role of software engineer through the Aspiring Minds assessment solution.


Industry: Technology

Size: 42,200+

Region: China

Baidu_Business Impact - 20.08.2019

Baidu, one of the world’s largest AI and internet companies, uses a highly rigorous hiring process to recruit only the best of the best. In China’s highly competitive internet space — with the likes of Tencent, Alibaba and more — Baidu faced increasing challenges to not only find top talent but to also ensure a high join-rate. Most candidates who passed the initial screening failed to meet Baidu’s standards in later rounds. With stiff competition in the job market for top programming talent, the company was finding it challenging to hire the best talent.



Baidu chose to work with Aspiring Minds because we offer the right set of assessments, powered by AI, to assist in the initial screening of candidates. Aspiring Minds’ adaptive-cognitive tests helps to identify candidates with high-order reasoning and logical abilities. Utilizing AI-powered Automata for grading codes — even codes that do not compile or fail few test cases — ensures that only highly skilled programmers pass key benchmark hurdles. Plus, Aspiring Minds functional assessments — with its ready-to-use library of over 200 tests covering front-end, back-end, Full Stack, Data Science, Cloud, QA,Networking and more — help to narrow the candidate pool of engineers to only those with sound knowledge of the latest technologies. Also,AI-powered proctoring that eliminates any chance of cheating provided confidence to Baidu that the finalists’ credentials were authentic.



Aspiring Minds implemented a three-pronged assessment process for Baidu. First, we used adaptive-cognitive tests to assess candidates on their logical and quantitative ability. Then, the candidates underwent a detailed programming assessment via Automata, an AI-powered coding simulation test. Candidates were provided a fully-loaded IDE with over 50 programming languages and asked to code on real-world problems to showcase their programming knowledge. As Baidu is at the forefront of the dynamic internet space, we then assessed candidates on their software engineering knowledge across full-stack, front-end, back-end, etc.



A well-balanced suite of assessments enabled Baidu to enhance its talent pool with top-notch programmers equipped with high cognitive skills and sound knowledge of the latest technologies. This put Baidu ahead of their competitors in the highly competitive internet space.

Screening only the best: By implementing adaptive-cognitive tests, Baidu was able to eliminate candidates with below-average cognitive skills. By testing candidates’ programming skills with Automata — featuring hundreds of real-world coding problems — Baidu could be sure that those who passed the initial screening would also likely pass future screening steps.

Increased number of offers: Automata uses AI-scoring to grade not only the functional correctness of code but also programming ability, practices and complexity. This allowed, Baidu to go beyond the regular test-case based assessment. As a result, they found 13% more candidates qualified to join the final pool of top talent who likely would have been rejected by traditional coding assessments.

Improved joining ratio: Candidates enjoyed a superior and engaging assessment experience involving real-world problems rather than theoretical concepts. The assessment provided them with all the tools they needed to showcase their skills. As a result of their experience, more candidates accepted Baidu’s offer of employment, helping Baidu to build an even higher quality workforce.

Reduced time to hire: Aspiring Minds’ 100% cloud-based solutions and online proctoring allowed Baidu to scale its hiring efforts and evaluate 20000 candidates across China by screening candidates remotely. And, thanks to Automata’s instantaneous report on candidate’s programming abilities, Baidu was able to make faster-hiring decision.



An AI-powered online coding simulation that tests candidates’ programming capabilities through well-structured and curated coding problems available in over 50 programming languages. Automata assesses the correctness, performance and quality of code. AI helps Automata calibrate for trivial coding errors and grade uncompiled programs to ensure that no good programmer is ever missed.

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