AI-Powered Video Interviewing Helps Scale Axis Bank’s Young Bankers Program

Industry: Banking, Financial Services

Region: India

Employees: 50,000+

Solutions: AI-powered Video Interviewing, Sales Situational Judgment Test

Business Impact:

  • 20K candidates evaluated in 33 cities
  • 32K hours of testing in 10 days
  • 89% candidate satisfaction

Axis Bank, the third-largest private bank in India with more than 3,700 branches and 120,000 ATMs, offers respected, highly competitive program for rising stars in the banking industry. The Axis Bank Young Bankers Program (ABYBP) is a one-year residential program that attracts more than 20,000 candidates a year across 33 cities. The bank had invested a lot of time and resources into ABYBP and was seeking a reliable, standardized and scalable assessments solution to identify and hire top candidates quickly.


As ABYBP scaled, Axis Bank re-affirmed its trust in Aspiring Minds evaluation technology, adopting AutoView – Aspiring Minds video interviewing solution along with the breadth of assessment options. The need to evaluate candidates in multiple locations in a very short amount of time required an easy to use and efficient remote option to test as many candidates as possible as well as ensure candidates were comfortable in specific situations. Axis management also required a solution that gave them confidence that their selection process was fair and accurate.

AutoView combined with a multi-dimensional assessment solution provided Axis Bank recruiters the tools they needed to accurately test cognitive abilities, personality traits and situational judgement. This solution offered four online testing components which allowed 33 different Axis Banks locations to use the same evaluation process at the same time, a critical component as the assessments took place over a short ten-day timeframe.


AutoView uses FACS – Facial Action Coding System and Aspiring Minds proprietary machine learning algorithm which generates an accurate, real-time score of actual traits assessed during an interview based on relevance of answers, behavior, English language usage and other characteristics. AI-assisted recommendations to hire/train candidates are provided based on these scores. A video interview can be conducted anywhere, anytime (even from home) and the integrity of the exam is ensured with strong auto-proctoring measures. AutoView has a library of 100s of simultaneous video interview questions supported with a test-resume feature, and a native integration with Taleo for easy scheduling and execution.

The Results

AI-powered insights to drive a better selection process. Success in banking requires an associate to exhibit key performance traits and an aptitude for handling competitive environments. Using AutoView– Aspiring Minds AI-powered video interviewing program, candidates’ facial expressions, body posture, and voice inflections were analyzed and given a competency score which helped identify those candidates most likely to have an aptitude for working in a competitive banking environment.

Industry suitability quickly assessed: With AMCAT, Aspiring Minds’ signature test, Axis weeded out candidates who lacked basic cognitive abilities crucial for success in the financial services industry.

Finding the closers: Success in banking requires a knack for sales and closing deals. It was critical that Young Bankers could excel in a competitive sales environment. Aspiring Minds’ Sales Situational Judgment Test (SJT) identified prospects who would likely thrive under pressure.

Predicting behavior accurately: The financial services industry comes with its own set of situations and desired outcomes. Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (PI) determined likelihood of success in specific roles and positions.

Effective and efficient evaluation process: 32K hours of testing in 10 days. Axis Bank conducted 22,356 hours of online assessments for AMCAT, SSJY and AM PI– that’s an evaluation every 7 seconds and 10,733 hours of video interviews which produced an assessment every 18 seconds! Producing a fair, efficient and effective assessments process was critical to success.

Money in the bank: Using AutoView, Axis Bank optimized their selection and hiring process saving considerable time and resources – both internally and for their candidates. They achieved their goal of streamlining the ABYBP application process without sacrificing the quality of their candidates. The experience was also positive for candidates— 89% rated the testing process four+ on a scale of five. Even applicants who did not make the cut had a positive, engaging candidate interview experience with Axis Bank, building a bridge to possible future contact with young, talented candidates.


Blending the power of Artificial Intelligence with the science of psychometrics, Aspiring Minds optimizes your hiring process to select the best through an engaging candidate experience. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessment and interview solutions to measure cognitive abilities, language proficiency, personality traits and functional skills allows corporations to select for 100s of different job roles. You can rely on our predictive analytics to identify high-performing, engaged and long-lasting employees.