India’s largest insurance company witnesses 47% increase in hiring top sales performers with situational judgement tests

Artificial Intelligence takes the guesswork out of hiring top salespeople.


Industry: Insurance

Company size: 200+ employees

Region: India

Solution: SJT Assessments


A large insurance company desperately needed to revamp its expensive and ineffective approach to hiring salespeople. The existing process consisted of time-consuming and expensive on-premise interviews, supplemented with one-size-fits-all behavioral assessments. There was no reliable way for the talent acquisition team to confidently assess sales acumen – it was completely hit-or-miss and did not scale.



The company wanted to predict sales success with confidence and needed a valid and fair, scalable, and robust hiring solution. They already knew which qualities and competencies were predictive of success in their sales force and were looking to identify candidates with the same attributes from their candidate pool.

The Aspiring Minds AI powered talent evaluation platform had everything the company needed to leverage their knowledge of their sales team and help them confidently predict sales success.



The Aspiring Minds team recommended the Sales Situational Judgment Test (SJT) and Analytical Ability tests to take the place of the conventional behavioral assessment the company relied on in the past. SJT and Analytical tests were much more comprehensive and could do far more than simply measure traits such as extraversion and conscientiousness, but they could also accurately and consistently assess the primary predictors of great salespeople: communications and negotiation skills, the ability to effectively manage a variety of customers, and more. This solution would be a far more effective way to find candidates with the sales qualities and competencies they required.



The implementation of the solution was straightforward. Both tests were first administered to a representative sample of veteran sales professionals for analysis and calibration over a period of four weeks. Using linear regression and cross-validation strategies, a predictive algorithm resulting in a strong significant criterion-related validation coefficient was established between test results and on-the-job performance. Now the company had an optimally effective customized assessment process in place, and an understanding of the scores needed to evaluate new sales candidates.

Candidates could take the SJT and Analytical Ability tests on any device at their convenience and have access to live support. The use of automated proctoring ensured the integrity of the results.

And the Aspiring Minds 100% cloud-based solution made anywhere, anytime on-demand testing a simple reality.

The company now had a uniform and scalable predictor of sales success which could be integrated into their applicant-tracking system (ATS). They were able to eliminate the guesswork that haunted their efforts to hire a top-flight sales team. Job offers were no longer being made with crossed fingers.



Aspiring Minds’ Sales SJT and Analytical Ability tests changed the hiring game for the company. The results from their hiring process based on traditional behavioral tests paled in comparison and they could now confidently predict job success and hire the best talent.

Higher quality talent: Hiring rates of high performing sales people jumped by 47%.

Reduction in poor performers: The company saw a 22% decrease in poor performers.

Improved efficiency in recruiting: The client improved recruiting productivity and efficiency by 35% and confidently identified and processed more than 2,000 applications in a single year.

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