Leading global IT giant transforms entry level hiring with a scalable talent assessment solution and sees 10x increase in reach

Confidently evaluates 100K candidates in three days and ensures test integrity with auto-proctoring technology


Industry: IT Services / Outsourcing

Region: India

Company Size: 170,000+ employees

Solution: AMCAT | Automata | WriteX | Auto-proctoring



A leading global IT, consulting and business process services company had a vision – to find the best talent in all the university campuses across India. The goal was to disrupt the conventional recruiting process and democratize the process. To achieve that goal, it needed a pan-India platform.



An A-lister in campus hiring, the global IT giant needed a more diverse candidate pool that went beyond on-campus recruiting. The company envisioned a nationwide talent testing platform that demonstrated rigor in the assessment process, was automated and extremely efficient, and was secure and scalable. Reaching talent at scale (about 100,000 candidates across 2000 campuses) was an absolute requirement and the team needed to administer tests across a host of competencies including coding, cognitive abilities and written English language competence. Rigorous evaluations with specific performance criteria would ensure only the most qualified candidates were chosen for interviews which make face-to-face interviews more effective and efficient. Auto-proctoring was a necessity to ensure the quality and integrity of

Its philosophy was quite simple – interview less to select more!



The Aspiring Minds’ one-hundred percent cloud-based assessment platform had everything the global IT giant required to automate their hiring process: the proven AMCAT® assessment platform, advanced written English language testing, an engaging coding simulations platform with a powerful auto-proctoring technology. With its ability to auto-scale, the platform could easily deliver 50,000-70,000 assessments per day, with the ability to administer 25,000 concurrent assessments. Streamlined operations management meant it was extremely easy to manage the application process from first-touch to final interview.



Together with the customer’s team, we implemented a comprehensive assessment suite to evaluate cognitive aptitude, coding acumen and written English abilities which included:

  • AMCAT: An IRT based adaptive assessment for English comprehension, vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • WriteX: AI-driven automated evaluation of email and essay writing skills.
  • Automata: AI powered coding assessment platform that tests applicants programming capabilities with 100s of well-structured questions in over 30 programming languages.
  • Auto-proctoring and anti-plagiarism technology to ensure quality control and test integrity.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this complete solution delivered rigorous and reliable assessments at scale. We set up 139 test centers with dedicated infrastructure (physical and online) to host students from over 500 colleges across the country. Auto-proctoring and anti-plagiarism technology was widely deployed to ensure fairness of the process in remote areas.



Approximately 110K students took the assessments over a three-day period and received their results via email/SMS. By efficiently managing the process from beginning to end, only the most qualified candidates, approximately 10,000 students were chosen for final interviews with the management. This was the result customer needed – a dramatic reduction in interview effort, optimized interviewer time and only the best candidates interviewed.

Increased Candidate Reach: AI powered evaluations gave the customer a broader and more diverse pool of candidates, increasing the number of recruiting campus from 50 to 500.

Better Candidate Experience: A significantly shorter application process improved the overall candidate experience. Candidates reported very high satisfaction in the selection process noting the shorter 15-minute tests, mobile ready assessments and highly engaging content.

Cost Effective: Using an automated platform to screen and evaluate candidates significantly reduced customer’s talent acquisition travel. They traveled to the nodal centers for three days at a time, rather than individual campuses which reduced travel costs, improved overall efficiency and made teams more productive.


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