Transforming Tech Hiring with AI powered coding assessments

How the world’s largest technology company built a fair and efficient talent evaluation process for software engineers using Aspiring Minds Automata solution.


Industry: Technology

Region: United States

Employees: Over 100,000

Solution: Automata

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One of the five biggest companies in the world had a problem. They needed to identify top flight programming talent from schools as well as candidates with professional software experience quickly and economically without sacrificing excellence. The traditional recruiting process was cumbersome and not delivering the quality of candidate they required. The company sought to go beyond the usual indicators like school and work history. They also sought to save time and money by putting candidates through a standardized assessment that would weed out weaker candidates early in the process

When programming is at the heart of your business, and the key to your growth and expansion, your tech recruitment process has to be effective, nimble, objective, and scalable. You not only need to attract a diverse pool of candidates you have to know how to evaluate it intelligently. Coding samples have to be compared in a fair and refined way. And each candidate’s aptitude for examining problems and delivering solutions needs measuring as well. The optimal system will deliver all of this with quick turnaround and the highest quality candidates identified.


This technology company realized they needed a reliable and scalable way to test the coding skills of an extremely diverse applicant group. And they needed to do it quickly. Their applicant pool is consistently large so it was very important that the solution was automated and could handle thousands of applicants’ coding assessments at a time.

They chose Automata – the AI powered coding assessment platform that tests applicants programming capabilities with 100s of well-structured questions in over 30 programming languages. The fact that candidates could be evaluated on so many different platforms was also very meaningful because this tech giant is always innovating and needs programmers who are fluent in mainstream technologies and who have the technical aptitude to learn new technologies fast. They wanted a solution that gave them confidence that their selection process was fair and accurate, and that they wouldn’t screen out great programmers.


Aspiring Minds defines the leading edge of recruitment and interviewing tools. Automata, our AI powered automated evaluator of programming skills and our IRT-based adaptive analytical skill assessment program, was tailor-made for this assignment. These data-driven assessments have an established track record of accurately measuring skill sets and discriminating among candidates whose backgrounds seem otherwise the same.

Automata, which can do a “deep dive” into a candidate’s code with AI/ML, delivered a multiplicity of scores based on coding quality and accuracy. Predictive analytics then linked the coding scores to probability of success on the job. Finally, a data-driven classification of candidates into categories optimized subsequent human intervention and judgment.

Expanded pool of qualified candidates. Customized assessments. Speedy results.
Better experience. Better candidates.

Problem solved.

The Results

The intelligence and efficiency of Automata helped our client identify and process more than 50,000 high-quality applicants in a single year, leading to the hiring of over 1,000 top software engineers. Aspiring Minds’ delivery technology combined with live support and 100% cloud deployment gave the client what they needed: anytime, anywhere testing that could scale and discern candidates' skills at unprecedented levels.

Higher quality talent found: The client confirmed that the Automata process resulted in a substantial improvement in the quality of the candidates they hired.

Recruiting efficiency increased: Machine learning decision-making helped reduce interviewing effort by 60%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Client reported a substantial reduction in the average processing time of an applicant without sacrificing any rigor or overall candidate quality.

Scaling allowed for inclusion and diversity: The hiring team was able to reach and process four times more candidates than in the past, hitting the goal of extending the candidate group and creating a truly open pool of great variety and inclusion.

100% interviewer satisfaction: Every technical interviewer and the people in the trenches agreed that Automata dramatically improved the client’s hiring process and did it based on the company’s goals of maintaining quality, scaling efficiently, and moving beyond the traditional assessment screens.


Blending the power of Artificial Intelligence with the science of psychometrics, Aspiring Minds optimizes your hiring process to select the best through an engaging candidate experience. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessment and interview solutions to measure cognitive abilities, language proficiency, personality traits and functional skills allows corporations to select for 100s of different job roles. You can rely on our predictive analytics to identify high-performing, engaged and long-lasting employees.

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