Wall Street Journal Covers Aspiring Minds Research on Situational Judgment Tests

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September 30, 2016: Knowing what NOT to do is a critical job skill. Here is what WSJ has to say on this ground breaking research by Aspiring Minds. The research forms the backbone of Aspiring…

Himanshu Writes for Fast Company on the Job Paradox in us

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May 13, 2015: Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO, Aspiring Minds today wrote about the job paradox in the US for Fast Company. The article discusses what labor inefficiencies prevent companies in filling open jobs, while a large…

The Economist Endorses Aspiring Minds National Employability Report

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New Delhi, September 29, 2012: Aspiring Minds' National Employability Report for Engineers 2011 has hogged the international limelight with a coverage from the prestigious publication The Economist. Shedding light on the burgeoning skill-gap, a byproduct…