Will he "catch on" quickly? Will she be able to "figure things out?" As an employer, you should know these things before you make a job offer to a candidate.

Our cognitive ability assessments measure such things as how well an individual reasons, solves problems, learns quickly, thinks abstractly and grasps the nature of complex problems. We have a set of standardized tests & benchmarks that evaluate a candidate's key cognitive abilities and hence give an overview about his or her trainability & job performance.


High scores in AMCAT Logical Reasoning and AMCAT Quantitative Ability have a strong correlation with a candidate's success in learning and training in technical areas.

Our cognitive assessments further comprise of the following modules:

Logical Ability

Logical Ability

The Logical Ability test assesses the capacity of a candidate to interpret things objectively, to be able to understand trends, to make generalizations and be able to analyze assumptions behind a statement. These abilities are primary determiners of success for any candidate in any industry.

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