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This is why global business leaders recommend our assessments

“We have been using Aspiring Minds for the past few months as we are ramping up our efforts in the digital space and the results have been outstanding. Not only were we able to automate a number of steps within the recruitment process to make it more efficient, but also the speed of hiring and proficiency of the new hires has allowed us to excel in performance ahead of our expectations.”

Jun Abo
Vice President, Talent Acquisition,

Andy Sarakins (VP Operations-NEARSOL) Profile Picture - Aspiring Minds Testimonial Image


“Aspiring Minds SVAR and IGS are recruitment tools that help us to scientifically measure and evaluate the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning of our applicants. Working on multiple campaigns require an effective tool that would help shortlist the candidates. By continually using SVAR and IGS exams, we are sure that we select qualified candidates aligned with the high standards of NEARSOL.”

Andy Sarakinis
Vice President, Operations,

“Aspiring Minds’ automated language evaluation tool has helped reduce our process AHT and it weeds out those who do not have the basic language skills. It is easier to quantify language skills of applicants based on the results of the assessment. Aspiring Minds’ assessments can also be customized depending on the need and feedback from us which offers a huge advantage. Aspiring Minds also offers a great partnership, ensuring that they are readily available to attend to our concerns.”

Tracy Elaine Molina
Vice President, Talent Acquisition - Sitel Group


“Aspiring Minds team is always open for new ideas and goes that extra mile to give the desired product to its customers, I see a value addition that they have brought in our organization.”


Sunil Kumar
CTO - The Great Eastern Shipping Company


“Aspiring Minds has brought a lot of benefits and value add like reduced Time to Hire and Screening efforts to Yes Bank. Kudos to the entire team.”

Alpesh Palan
VP, HCM - Yes Bank


“Aspiring Mind's Online Assessment replaced subjectivity in interviews and made hiring decision completely automated. The test result simply said - Hired or Reject. This test was pivotal and brought the concept of "No See No Hear" to life!!”


Taher Dhinojwala
Director, India Campus Recruiting - Morgan Stanley





With Aspiring Minds, the speed of hiring and proficiency of the new hires has allowed us to excel in performance ahead of our expectations.


Adam Hachey
Country Manager, Philippines - TSA


“Aspiring Minds assessment solution is very useful and an excellent tool for candidate evaluation. Brilliant top leadership with continuous product improvement. Keep it up!”


Krishan Pratap Singh
Associate Director (Talent Acquisition Leader), Corporate Services and University Hiring - Gartner

“Every year we have a challenging task at hand: selecting the best candidates who are to pass out of college in the next academic year. The list of candidates from each college is large and we have to filter out the best.

Typically, this was done on the basis of their academic performance. Over time, we realised that we ended up interviewing many candidates who did not really understand software principles although they had good academic scores. So we went in search of a product that could assess their software skills objectively and we came across Aspiring Minds. We used their logical ability and programming tests to shortlist candidates for face-to-face interviews. Meanwhile, we analysed the results using our proprietary analytics product. By this method of evaluation and shortlisting, we found that some of the top academic scorers did not even clear our assessment cut-off!

This was something we had a hunch about. But now, thanks to 'Automata and logical ability' test scores, we have data to prove our conviction. We also noticed that many of the academically average performers have good logical and programming skills and this duo of tests highlights these very attributes that we were looking for. Thus we can now test many candidates and have a much better selection rate in our interviews. We no longer depend on an arbitrary cut-off for selecting candidates to attend our face-to-face interviews.

In the last two years, we have assessed between 150-450 students per college and shortlisted about 30-60 out of them. This has helped us in two ways:

  • a much better selection of candidates to interview
  • a significant reduction in our interview panel size

Therefore, I think that my assessment of 60% improvement is conservative!”


Rustom Taraporevala
Director (Customer Engagement) - eQ Technologic (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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