Autoview: On-demand video interviewing

Quickly screen candidates to identify the best talent with the power of AI. Deliver engaging interview experience to candidates.

Make faster hiring decisions with Autoview - an AI-scored on-demand video assessment and interviewing platform

7_Reduces the time to hire

Reduces time to hire by 80%

Compared to a phone screening, Autoview increases the reach and scale to simultaneously evaluate multiple candidates.

8_Flexible and convenient experience for candidates

Flexible and convenient experience for candidates

Candidates can take the interview anytime, anywhere on mobile, desktop/laptop.

6_Legally defensible video interview solution

Configurable and legally defensible AI-scoring

AI score help recruiters to comprehensively screen candidates. AI models are built on diverse samples.

10_Improves collaboration within the hiring team

Improve recruiters’ productivity

Set up an interview within minutes, spend no time on coordination and review interview recordings on the go.

9_Improve recruiter’s productivity

Improves collaboration within the hiring team

Share interview recording, score and feedback with the relevant teams to collaboratively make faster hiring decisions.

Scientifically evaluate candidates with Autoview

  • Standardize evaluation with pre-defined questions and evaluation parameters.
  • Comprehensively screen candidates with help of pre-recorded questions tagged to multiple competencies or add your own question.
  • Comprehensive reporting with AI-score on social skills, workplace skills, and functional knowledge along with playback of candidate’s responses.
  • Configurable AI scoring with the option to build bespoke AI models to measure client-specific competencies.


Learn how Axis Bank, the third-largest private bank in India scaled their Axis Bank Young Bankers Program using Aspiring Minds AI-Powered Video Interviewing

Deliver engaging interview experience to your candidates

  • Candidates can take the interview anytime, anywhere using multiple devices – mobile, desktop/laptop.
  • Works in low internet bandwidth and test resumes from the same point.
  • Deliver a branded interview experience by adding the company’s photos, videos, and realistic job preview.
  • Intuitive interface with question preview, quick system diagnostic check and option to pause and resume the test.

A white-box approach to AI-scoring

  • Configure interview to evaluate job-related workplace competencies
  • Configurable AI-scoring - use pre-validated AI scoring models or custom scoring models
  • Transcribes candidate’s spoken content and uses NLP to score content on workplace skills and functional knowledge
  • Evaluates candidate’s body language and voice tonality to provide score on confidence, engagement, and composure
  • Validation of AI models on client’s data before deployment

Accelerate candidate evaluation to make faster hiring decision while delivering an engaging candidate experience

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