Pre-employment Tests for Sales. Gamified situational judgement tests identify top-performers faster.

Realistic sales personality profile test evaluates core competencies including customer-centricity, expectation management, self-management, problem solving and more in animated work situations. Increase performance by 60%.

Eliminate the guesswork behind hiring top performing sales teams using online sales aptitude test

Real Life Sales Situation - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Evaluate how candidates respond in real-life sales situations

Increase Sales Team Performance - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Increases sales performance by over 30% and significantly reduces early attrition

Sales Situational Judgment Test - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Combine our sales SJT and Big-Five Personality tests for holistic assessment of sales professionals

Comprehensive Evaluation - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Comprehensive evaluation of competencies such as Customer Expectation Management, Decision making, proactive selling, customer and result orientation.

Interactive Animated Formats - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Use modern bite-sized games, in interactive animated formats to measure multiple sales competencies

Accurately and Comprehensively Measure Sales Competencies with online sales skills assessment test


Customer Centricity

Measure proficiency in resolving customer queries, keenness to service customers, and building rapport with the customers

Result Orientation

Measure the candidate’s focus on business goals, results while adhering to quality, service and productivity standards

Proactive Selling

Measure the candidate’s ability to explore and seize new opportunities, create interest, close sales proactively

Pragmatic Decision Making

Measure the candidate’s presence of mind, awareness of real world scenarios, analytical decision making while adhering to quality, service and productivity standards

Customer Expectation Management

Measures capability of candidate to identify solution to problem, prompt and non over committing


Measures sociability, assertiveness, energy and talkativeness


Measures tendency towards being organized, planning and dependability

Emotional Stability

Measures psychological steadiness and calmness

Openness to Experience

Measures intellectual curiosity, creativity, and broad-mindedness


Measures social conformity, compliance, friendliness and altruism

Big Five Personality Test - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

Unique Assessment Experience, Reliable Result

Gamified Assessment - Aspiring Minds (Display Picture)

Gamified Assessment

Animated video of real-world situations with interactive character

Detailed Report - Aspiring Minds (Display Picture)

Detailed Reports

A complete analysis of candidate performance across key competencies and sales stages

Unique Scoring Methodology - Aspiring Minds (Display Picture)

Unique Scoring Methodology

Published and patented scoring methodology that is highly predictive of on-job performance

Find the right pre-employment sales ability test and interview solution you need to hire your dream sales team.

Truly anywhere, anytime online delivery with scheduling, reporting and proctoring

100% Cloud Based
Highly scalable assessment platform, deployable anywhere, anytime, and available in over a dozen languages

Mobile Ready
A device-agnostic solution, available on mobile phones (browser and app), tablets and computers

Automated Proctoring
In-built AI-powered automated remote proctoring capabilities leveraging webcams, browser controls, keystroke analytics, facial recognition and more

Comprehensive Management Platform
Our iAssess recruiter platform lets you set up, schedule assessment tests, view assessment reports, manage candidates and data and provides real-time analytics

ATS Integrations
Integrated with the most popular talent acquisition and HRM applications such as Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, iCIMS, Greenhouse, etc.

Custom Assessment Authoring
Create custom tests, questions and assessments to accommodate business specific hiring needs

Proven Success, 100+ Job Roles, 5 M+ Candidates


Our situational tests show high test-retest reliability and the Personality trait scales have high internal consistency.

Job Role Mapping (Mapped to O*NET)

Our recommendation engine, based on O*NET competencies, identifies relevant Aspiring Minds tests and the required proficiency level for thousands of job roles

Criterion Validity

Our situational judgment and personality tests are consistent predictors of job performance across multiple industries with a validity ranging 0.25-0.45.


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