10 reasons why our Language Assessment suites will amp up your Hiring Game.

Humans invented language as a means to communicate and express emotions & thoughts. Today, mastery over spoken and written language has come to be seen as a yardstick of a person’s communication skills, his confidence and in a larger context, his suitability for a job. In the current business milieu, when so many organizations are aiming for a global footprint and when business processes worldwide are getting outsourced to other ‘English-savvy’ countries, it just stands to reason that fluency in English can earn you some major brownie points in your career.

From a recruitment perspective, language-centric hiring can be a little tricky. One of the biggest reasons why a structured language assessment solution should be adopted is because assessing language skills in candidates involves looking at all technical aspects of the language- grammar, syntax, phonemes etc. This means the recruiter or hiring manager must ideally be a language specialist himself.  Unfortunately, that may not always be possible. And if you need to hire for multiple languages, either you’ll need to employ special language or recruitment consultants to help the recruiting team, or identify a separate recruitment tool to hire for that language, which could dramatically increase your hiring costs. . In such situations, when you need to hire at scale, the best way to ensure you get top-of-the-crop talent that’s also got good language skills is to adopt a technology-based English language assessment.

Aspiring Minds’ language assessment suites- SVAR and WriteX have been specifically designed keeping the users in mind and creating an entire array of features and efficiencies around them. SVAR is a deviously intuitive, 12-15 minutes long spoken English proficiency online test that uses AI and advanced voice recognition to score pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary and spoken language comprehension. WriteX is a written English test that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to provide scores and feedback on Content Quality, Email Etiquette, and Grammar, especially on typographical errors – spelling, punctuation, style, white space and their suggested corrections.


Here are 10 more reasons why our English fluency tests are the best in their class:

  • Available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French): An AI-powered evaluation of English, Spanish as well as French language skills means that the system recognizes the syntax, grammar, semantics, colloquial expressions etc. unique to each language so you don’t have to go looking for a whole new language proficiency test online when assessing English speaking or Spanish speaking or French speaking candidates.


  • Supports multiple accents: The English language has given birth to dozens of dialects and accents across the world, so much so that every English-speaking country seems to have its own accent. Our online English language assessment tests support multiple accents from the UK, US, Australia and more, so even if the hiring manager isn’t very familiar with an applicant’s dialect, our system is, and can therefore comprehensively assess a candidate without bias or delay.


  • Gives Job suitability recommendation: Using AI, our assessment tools automatically grade spontaneous human speech to arrive at a customized reporting that shows role level suitability / hiring recommendations. The software also makes hiring recommendations for the recruiter to consider, which can tangibly accelerate the candidate selection process.


  • Customized scoring – A reliable English test for employment, like ours, has the flexibility of assigning parameter-wise weights to Pronunciation, Fluency, Active Listening, Spoken language understanding, Grammar, Vocabulary, as prioritized by the customer, which can be adjusted to give a customized total score. A custom-built format like this prioritizes certain parameters/skills the customer has deemed critical and quickly identifies the most relevant applicants. Consequently, hiring the best candidates is done swiftly and accurately.


  • Available on IVR, App, Mobile or web based- SVAR supports multiple devices; IVR, Mobile and Desktop/Laptop so that candidates can take the test anytime, anywhere at their own convenience. Writex can be taken on either mobile or desktop/laptop. Aspiring Minds also provides 24/7 support so that test-takers have uninterrupted access to technical assistance whenever required.


  • Multiple Test Variants: Variations of tests are available as per the region in which the candidate is deployed or the country the candidate is from. This allows them to take the test in the format or language they are most comfortable in, thus increasing the quality of answers as well as their chances of getting selected.


  • Mapped with CEFR levels: The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a guideline used to describe and measure the language levels of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. It is a widely accepted ‘baseline’ or unit of measure for language competency. Candidate scores on SVAR and WriteX are also mapped with CEFR to indicate their global level of language proficiency. This allows SVAR and WriteX to have a much wider application for evaluating global talent.


  • Offline Mode: Taking the test via smartphone or laptop/desktop is a function of continuous network connectivity. Our system pauses and resumes the test when connectivity is low or sporadic or when network is not available to ensure candidates are able to take our tests without worrying about connectivity issues or having to login multiple times.


  • Strong anti-cheating technology: With built-in automated proctoring using webcams, browser controls and pattern matching, you can be assured that candidate responses will be spontaneous and authentic. The candidate selected will be on the merit basis without any form of biasness in the selection process.


  • Seamless Integration with Sourcing Channels: Aspiring Minds’ language assessment suite supports native integration and standard APIs for popular Applicant Tracking systems. This ascertains that all programs and platforms within the hiring cycle ‘talk’ to each other easily to provide real time scores, reports and analytics. The integration helps in reducing the time and effort to hire. Thus overall providing a better candidate experience.


Evaluating language proficiency with technically robust assessments can contribute to significantly improving your company’s recruitment efficiency and building talent benchmarks. To hire premium talent with the best language skills, let Aspiring Minds help you bring in the heavy artillery.

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