Braving COVID-19: How Epay Systems assessed 200+ candidates to close a job opening in one week!

For an epidemic so encompassing that it has shaken the very fabric of world economy, the small and medium enterprises world seems to be finding its ways of hiring quality talent. The industry has skirted around the COVID-19 outbreak to drive its recruitment efforts using automation. Progressive SMEs have already forayed into the video interviewing space and seem to be using them with high efficiency and good results. Epay systems, a fast-growing human capital management services provider has been able to successfully pivot their hiring strategy to conduct virtual hiring drives.

Epay achieved its hiring goals in stipulated time without any lags with Aspiring Minds’ virtual assessment tools. After researching about the virtual tools in the market, Ankita Singh from Epay Systems was impressed by the capabilities of Aspiring Minds’ solutions and was especially impressed by Autoview. “For a platform to be able to immediately & reliably calculate AI-based candidate scores that also match human-rated scores is a level of accuracy I have not seen before.” remarked Ankita. After realizing the efficiency of Aspiring Minds’ virtual tools, Ankita was convinced to deploy these tools for fast and efficient hiring.

Here is how Epay Systems were able to realise their hiring goals with the help of Aspiring Minds’ virtual tools.

Epay Systems’ was looking to hire a high-quality Delivery Analyst. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, they could not hold a physical event to meet all applicants and select a potential employee. The company needed to hire an analyst fast but getting all interviewers and the HR team to collaborate remotely and hire someone within a short timeframe seemed fairly difficult. Determined to meet their hiring objectives, Epay Systems wanted to explore new ways of interviewing and assessing candidates that would organize and streamline their recruitment activities, and also work as a cost-efficient model in the long-run.


Why Aspiring Minds?

Aspiring Minds was chosen to partner this project because the company offers full-service candidate assessment and video interviewing solutions that can be custom-built around their hiring needs. Our team was able to quickly identify their challenges and suggest the precise combination of assessment and live interviewing tools to get a lock on the ‘perfect fit’ candidates.


The Solution

To evaluate the employability of more than 200 applicants, AMCAT was deployed as a top-of-the-funnel screening mechanism. AMCAT is a computer adaptive test that measures job applicants on critical areas like grammar, functional vocabulary and comprehension of text, as well as their cognitive abilities. More than 700+ companies currently use it as a compulsory testing mechanism for entry-level roles. For Epay Systems’ hiring drive, 56 candidates were chosen based on their AMCAT scores and their educational qualifications.

For the second level of shortlisting, SmartMeet was the tool of choice. As a live video-interviewing tool, it enabled our client to ‘meet’ the candidates in real time from the comfort of their home. We trained the assessors on how to use SmartMeet and took them through simulations so they could familiarize themselves with the platform before they interviewed the candidates.  The 56 shortlisted candidates were then screened via SmartMeet for a comprehensive, structured evaluation while delivering a personalized interview experience. . Recruiters interviewed candidates in 7 batches of 8 candidates each and the entire interview process was completed within a span of just 3.5 hours.


The Result

Using a combination of AMCAT and SmartMeet, the client identified 5 suitable candidates that were considered for the final offer. The interviewing process went off smoothly, candidates had a great experience being interviewed on-camera and the entire process of training the recruiters to interviewing candidates got wrapped up within one week with superior efficiency.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. “Video based interviewing and AI-based assessment solutions worked so well for us, they have come to be the mainstay of all our recruitment activities “, Ankita concluded. As HR technology evolves and adapts every time a new challenge presents itself, we foresee the man-machine combination working even better in hiring in the coming future.

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