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Digitize your interview process: All it takes is three easy steps!


In today’s world, what isn’t digital? How many of us could have imagined smartphones, targeted advertisements or Alexa just 20 years ago? (Never mind self-driving cars!) Digital is everywhere in our lives. This is no less true in employment.

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What, Why and How of Hackathons?

Did you know that Twitter was created at a company hackathon? The rest, we say, is history. Hackathons have given birth to innovations that have transformed and disrupted both the tech and non-tech worlds. But what exactly is a hackathon? Let us tell you all about it!

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Want to build high quality tech teams? Use world-class products to stay ahead of the game!

A recruiter’s task is long and tedious. They know they need to hire the best technical talent they can. But getting to a final hiring decision means long hours of sourcing, screening and interviewing,

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Move beyond test cases: Identify star coders through AI-powered online coding

Tech hiring is undergoing a transformation. Recruiters increasingly rely on coding assessments to evaluate job applicants and weed out poor performers from the candidate pool. Because if someone cannot code well, then what is the point of keeping them around? But this represents a myopic view..

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Top 5 benefits of adopting an integrated talent evaluation approach

Do you know how many HR vendors participate in your company’s hiring process? At least five. It’s true! Most companies rely on multiple touch points — consultants, service providers and subcontractors — in their pursuit to attract best-in-class talent. The result? An inconsistent candidate experience, a loss of recruiter..

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Five Ways Video Interviewing is Transforming Recruitment

There’s no doubt that recruitment strategies have significantly transformed over the years. With organizations competing ferociously to attract the best talent, increasing speed to hire is of the essence. Recruitment teams need to conduct their assessments, identify who they want, and roll out offer letters before the candidate is taken away by..

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Top 3 trends that will shape tech hiring in 2019

The digital transformation of the HR ecosystem continues with a 2019 agenda that adopts cutting-edge tools for attracting, evaluating and hiring the best talent. As digital becomes a top priority for most businesses that rely on AI/ML, Blockchain and Mobile App, etc., we see skyrocketing demand for a myriad of technical roles..

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Why Validity, Reliability and Job Analysis are Essential to Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessments play a critical role in the success of every talent acquisition strategy. Talent acquisition (TA) professionals spend most of their days attracting and hiring top quality candidates into their organizations. Over the years, the science of psychometrics and the development of a wide variety..

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Traditional Coding Interviews Don’t Work: Five Ways to Hire Better Engineers

Just because a candidate can code doesn’t mean that candidate will be a great engineer or team member. Most software engineers code about 20-30% of the time. The rest of the time they need to be problem-solving, brainstorming, meeting with internal teams, and even talking with customers..

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Why companies need to make their assessments socially inclusive and legally compliant?

Establishing a brand value as an equal opportunity employer goes hand-in-hand with providing a positive candidate experience in the talent acquisition process. Unfortunately many companies fall short in their approach as they rush to fill more and more openings with a seemingly shrinking pool of highly qualified applicants..

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