Read about the latest trends that are redefining talent acquisition

3 Mega trends set to disrupt the Talent industry in 2020

The recruitment industry has transformed a lot from what it was two decades ago. The processes are more lean, automated and integrated than ever before. There are a lot of vendors and service providers in the market helping to provide the best..

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The Future of L & D is here – Virtual Assessment Centres

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, at least 54% of the workforce will require significant reskilling and/or up skilling. Of this group, about 35% are expected to require additional training of up to six months, 9% will require reskilling lasting…

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Reimagine your Candidate Assessments with Video Interviewing Tools

Up until now, face-to-face interviews were considered so intrinsic to the entire recruitment process that not doing so wasn’t even considered an option. In the recruiters mind, if ‘you cannot even take out the time to meet us, you obviously don’t want the job bad enough’…

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13 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Adopt Online Coding Assessments

As per the federal employment data analyzed by CompTIA, U.S. employers had about 918,000 vacant IT jobs in the past three months. Most of these jobs are coming up in digital technology areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of things (IOT),..

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Decrypting Candidate Behaviour with Psychometric Personality Tests

Let’s start with a frightful – but true story. A multi-national consumer goods company needed to hire a sales manager. A comprehensive job description was drawn up and applicants were shortlisted via of their resumes. A candidate was finally hired after a long…

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Top 4 Priorities of Talent Acquisition Leaders

Here at Aspiring Minds, we like to stay ahead of the curve. Working to improve employment outcomes for jobseekers goes hand-in-hand with improving recruitment practices for HR teams. So it’s absolutely critical to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.

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Digitize your interview process: All it takes is three easy steps!


In today’s world, what isn’t digital? How many of us could have imagined smartphones, targeted advertisements or Alexa just 20 years ago? (Never mind self-driving cars!) Digital is everywhere in our lives. This is no less true in employment.

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What, Why and How of Hackathons?

Did you know that Twitter was created at a company hackathon? The rest, we say, is history. Hackathons have given birth to innovations that have transformed and disrupted both the tech and non-tech worlds. But what exactly is a hackathon? Let us tell you all about it!

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Want to build high quality tech teams? Use world-class products to stay ahead of the game!

A recruiter’s task is long and tedious. They know they need to hire the best technical talent they can. But getting to a final hiring decision means long hours of sourcing, screening and interviewing,

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Move beyond test cases: Identify star coders through AI-powered online coding

Tech hiring is undergoing a transformation. Recruiters increasingly rely on coding assessments to evaluate job applicants and weed out poor performers from the candidate pool. Because if someone cannot code well, then what is the point of keeping them around? But this represents a myopic view..

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