Pre-employment assessments for every job and skill. Maximize your recruiting efforts with fair and reliable assessments.

Use data to make right hiring decisions. Confidently predict job performance, eliminate hiring bias, and improve candidate diversity with an easy-to-use talent evaluation platform.

Hire better candidates faster with data-driven insights

Assess competencies and skills - job performance without bias - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Assess the competencies and skills that directly impact job performance without bias.

Fully automated recruiting process - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Reach enhanced with a fully automated recruiting process and video interviews.

Convenient and Stress-Free Candidate Experience - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Deliver a convenient, stress-free candidate experience with mobile, gamified, and interactive tests.

Eliminate Cheating and Scale Recruiting - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Eliminate cheating and scale recruiting on a 100% cloud-based infrastructure with auto-proctoring technology.

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on Aspiring Minds to deliver better hiring results


Improvement in quality of talent hired


Reduction in time to hire


Improvement in recruiter’s productivity

Consistent, accurate and reliable hiring process.

Zero in on the skills your team needs now, and in the future with hundreds of validated and fair assessments.

  • EEOC compliant and a large question bank
  • Measure cognitive abilities, personality traits and functional skills
  • Assess written and verbal language skills
  • 900+ job roles for engineers, customer service, sales, data scientists and more.
Consistent, accurate and reliable hiring process - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

Re-imagine the video interview

SmartMeet-Video Interview - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

AI-powered video interviewing gives you the power to recruit anytime, anywhere.

  • 100% cloud-based infrastructure
  • Host of interview options right from live video interviews or to on-demand video assessment
  • AI insights on candidate’s domain knowledge, body language, emotional intelligence and fitment to make right hiring decision

Stress-free candidate experience.

Delight candidates with engaging, interactive pre-employment assessments that can be completed at their convenience.

  • Gamified, short and realistic job assessments that delivers engaging experience
  • Available on multiple devices like mobile, tablet, computer, laptop that eliminates need to travel
  • Fast declaration of results to reduce candidate wait time
Stress-free candidate experience - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

Stop relying on intuition when you hire.

Automata-Coding Test-Report-Aspiring-Minds (Product Screenshot)

Make right hiring decisions faster by relying on data and powerful insights.

  • AI insights on candidate’s personality traits, knowledge and fitment to hire right candidates
  • Data drives all decisions that helps to improve diversity and remove hiring bias
  • Real-time insights helps to make fast hiring decisions

Eliminate cheating.

Ensure the integrity of the evaluation process with AI-powered automated proctoring technology.

Plagiarism checks - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Plagiarism checks

Code record and replay - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Code record and replay

Same face detection - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Same face detection

Periodic snapshots - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Periodic snapshots

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Take the guesswork out of hiring

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