Our scientific assessments are designed to cut through the recruitment challenges of the banking, finance & insurance sector.


In order to serve its customers, it is imperative for a financial institution to have its presence in several locations. Which means that a lot of talent, from a salesperson to an operations manager, is hired locally across various branches. In such a situation, only a scientific assessment can ensure that the quality of talent being recruited is excellent & consistent.


Our AMCAT suite for BFSI includes a comprehensive set of assessments which evaluates candidates across competencies required to succeed in the BFSI sector. The adaptive and standardized assessment suite will help you in evaluating a variety of competencies and skills of various candidates so that you can select the ones that are suited for the required role in your company.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for BFSI: • AMCAT English Comprehension • Quantitative Ability • Information Gathering and Synthesis • Sales Competency Test • Customer Service Situational Judgment Test • Banking Readiness • Insurance Readiness • Financial and banking services • Financial Services • Financial accounting

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We recommend a combination of these plug-and-play modules depending on the job role and the targeted supply. AMCAT suite for BFSI has been used successfully to hire fresh talent for entry roles such as sales, customer service, desk operations and mid-level roles like relationship management and branch management. Recruiting from multiple locations also requires the assessments to be delivered in a highly proctored environment. Our advanced assessment delivery tools like AUTOPROC offer shorter turn around, broader reach, faster processing and greater efficiency in the company's hiring process, while also ensuring a better experience to candidates.

Leading financial services organization sees 50% increase in high performing relationship managers post AMCAT.


The capability to hire trainable candidates and craft them into successful BFSI professionals through internal training is the key to success for any entry level hiring program. And to ensure a 100% training success one needs to hire the right candidates. Estimates predict each training failure costs the company anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 times the annual compensation. A BFSI professional's job success depends on both functional competence and soft skills. Functionally competent professionals are expected to be good at problem solving and selling skills. The candidate’s soft-skills determine the ability to comprehend instructions, plan his tasks and communicate with clients and colleagues. Our Research Cell's studies show that various combination of modules of AMCAT BFSI predict success for different roles in the BFSI sector. For example, performance of corporate banking relationship managers has shown strong correlation to AMCAT English, AMCAT Logical Ability and AMPI personality traits of agreeableness and conscientiousness. Similarly, we have been able to predict performance of people in Insurance sales roles using a combination of basic knowledge and personality.


The AMCAT BFSI certified candidate database together with the suit of assessment provides a complete sourcing solution for various corporates. It can also be combined with your entry level campus hiring program and deployed across the world for on-campus assessments.


Aspiring Minds is working with some of the largest multinationals across the globe. We have helped our clients hire thousands of BFSI professionals for multiple roles in a matter of few days. Our client solutions team can build customized solutions as per your needs. With a global presence, we can help you with sourcing, evaluating and hiring talent from all across the world.


Benchmarking study with a leading private AMC player in the country showed that using AMCAT for hiring can increase the high performing Relationship Managers (RMs) by close to 50%. AMCAT traits of English, Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Financial Services, Polychronicity and Conscientiousness showed significant correlation with the performance of the Relationship Managers.

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