Test Description

An AI-powered coding simulation assessment that comprehensively evaluates candidate’s programming skills. Automata is an online programming aptitude test that offers a familiar Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with intellisense, auto-save, custom test cases, on-the-fly language selection, delivering an intuitive and engaging experience for programming in over 50 languages.

Automata programming test comprehensively evaluates and objectively scores candidates on code correctness, programming practices, and coding efficiency. AI grades code like an interviewer, calibrates for silly coding errors and grades uncompiled programs so you won’t accidentally miss great programmers. Automata’s AI helps to identify 25% more good coders, thus helping customers to broaden their talent pool and identify best software engineers.

An online programming skills test, it offers a large library of over 500 coding problems across different difficulty level and also provides the option to add your own coding problem. All questions have been developed by in-house experts and have not been crowdsourced. We also offer Expert driven service to build or help clients build questions specific to their business and technology needs. Automata’s question bank is regular monitored through an automated system to measure the exposure of items and response curves. Internet monitoring and legal action helps to keep online question exposure in check.

Using Automata – a comprehensive programming ability test, recruiters can test new graduates or experienced candidates with precision using large, validated question banks. It provides a comprehensive report with overall and sectional scores for each of the test modules. The report has chapters covering introduction, score summary, insights, candidate response & proctoring data. Code replay feature allows you to revisit the entire coding assessment keystroke by keystroke. And, Automata is powered with strong anti-cheating technology and plagiarism checks to maintain the integrity of every test.

List of Programming languages supported by Automata – a programming assessment test: C, Java, C++, Python, PHP, C#, Objective-C, Perl, Ruby, Scala, Python3, Lua, Javascript, Bash, R, nodejs, Haskell, Go, Swift, Cpp14, Groovy, Ocaml, Octave, Racket, awk, pypy, pypy3, Dlang, Elixir, Pascal, Fortran, php56, php72, Tcl, Ada, gst, chicken scheme, pike, java 7, java 11, brainf*ck, coffeescript, clisp, julia, lolcode, scheme (guile), Dart, Hy, phantomJS, forth, typescript, javascript(rhino), powershell.


English, Chinese

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Programming Ability

Functional Correctness

Programming Practices

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