Test Description

CodeMeet is a Live coding interviewing platform with an interactive and collaborative programming environment, video streaming, chat, and whiteboard to reach talent. Provides AI-powered coding insights in real-time that highlight stylistic errors, multi-line, and single line code insertions in real-time. Recruiters can preconfigure or add questions on-the-fly and suggest hints. Choose from over 100s of coding problems to comprehensively evaluate candidates.

The interviewer can ask questions and use the whiteboard to see the candidate's response in real-time throughout the interview. Recruiters can conveniently customize CodeMeet to meet various interview scenarios like one-to-one interviews, many-to-one (panel) interviews or one-to-many (group) interviews. Record and replay the entire interview including audio and video and share with hiring managers or customers so they can review and make the right hiring decisions faster.



Competencies measured

Programming Skills

Principles and Algorithms

Logical Thinking

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Work Ethic



Cultural Fit

Functional Knowledge


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